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CrimsonBow Nigeria seeks to reach out to people whose lives have been affected by the Sickle Cell condition, either directly as sufferers, or indirectly as parents, children, siblings, lovers, friends or colleagues of sufferers.

By research, story telling, information sharing and growing the community CrimsonBow Nigeria intends to equip Sickle Cell warriors with what it takes to fight and continuously push back the boundaries and limits put upon their lives by the Sickle Cell condition.


Greg (@deTONEnate) is a writer, who’s also worked at a software company for 6 years. A Computer Scientist and Economist by training, he is experienced in Software Project Management, Solutions Architecture, Training and Client Relationship Management.

He is presently in training to add Design Thinking to the list. He is 33years old and was diagnosed with Sickle Cell on his 1st birthday. He is wildly in love with automobiles and all things tech and loves to travel.

Having had numerous life-threatening and life-changing experiences in his fight against Sickle Cell, he has built up knowledge and a network he believes he can put to good use by sharing with those who fight the same fight – either in their own lives or the lives of others.


Timi (@timileebaby) is an Executive Assistant with about 8 years’ experience, spanning  across Human Resources, Sales and Finance. She is currently pursuing an MBA with Business School Netherlands, pushing ahead in her career.

She doesn’t see herself as much of a saint, but loves the Lord with all her heart and serves Him the best way she can. She has managed her health for 27years now.

She enjoys traveling and hopes to get married and have strong, healthy kids soon. She has a strong desire to reach out to others who battle the sickle cell condition while trying to break free of the stigma that comes with it.

Timi is also a daughter of a surviving Sickle Warrior – her mum. This has Blessed her with perspective from two sides – as a sufferer and a daughter of one.


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