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Whoop!! Whoop!! And he proposed publicly, she said “YES” and they tied the knot privately… on Saturday, March 7, 2015, now that’s so cool if you ask me. Congrats to the pretty, gorgeous, soft-spoken, smart, and cool wife “Mabel” aka  SPICY” and the Boss himself aka  “SPICE“. Now tell me, what happens when Spicy meets Spice? Hummn! Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination… Lol!

I cannot talk about the history of Priscilla’s Place without mentioning Olutola Omoniyi aka SpiceontheMic; CEO of Praiseworld Radio!!!! So you can imagine how elated I felt when he agreed to feature their beautiful, touching, blossoming, pure and true love story on Priscilla’s Place. Hey!!! For those finding love, as you read this, may you find love so pure and true, for those already in love, may your love get sweeter and stronger… Enjoy!



Mr. & Mrs. Omoniyi aka Spice & Spicy

Priscilla: How did you meet?

SPICE: Woah!!… We met through two of our very close mutual friends. You know how everyone puts up your picture as their BBM (Blackberry Messenger) profile picture on your birthday? That was it! Mabel saw my picture on her friends DP (Display Picture) and the connect began. Now the details is quite a long story but in summary, our friends hooked us up via BBM and the friendship began!


CEO of Praiseworld Radio | OAP | Writer | Husband to Mabel

Priscilla: Hummn!! Thank you social media! [giggling]

At that time she was serving in Ebonyi state, so the friendship stayed virtual for about 5 months before I finally set my eyes on the beautiful queen who is today my wife.

Priscilla: Why Tola?


Backoff Guys!! She’s All Mine Now…

SPICY: Hmmmm!… I met Tola at a point in my life when I thought there was no God-fearing, young, handsome, genuine love out there. I mean my own kind of man. So when I met him (and judging by the way we met, it was divine, so good to be true) I just knew he was the one for me. He is God sent to me.

Priscilla: Why Mabel?


Manager & Wife to Olutola- Praiseworld Radio’s Ist Lady.

SPICE: Truth is, only very few women can marry me! Really!

Priscilla’s Mouth Opens- Ahhhhh!

Not like I’m difficult or impossible, but it takes a woman who has vision, depth, character and virtue to be able to. Why Mabel? Mabel has all that and more. She completes me, and I mean that in every sense of the word ‘complete’. Bro, if you find a woman who truly and perfectly does, wife her o! {laughs}

Priscilla: Correct!

Priscilla: Were you aware of the continuous Praiseworld Radio pressure/responsibility you were going to face when you said Yes to Tola?


Its the Lord’s doing.

SPICY: Oh yes I was, and not only did I say ‘Yes’ as regards his responsibilities to Praiseworld Radio but to his entire life. First as a servant of God, a son, CEO of Praiseworld Radio, an event compere, media consultant and a multi-talented young man. He is a coat of many colours and I appreciate him for choosing me to share his life with.

Priscilla: Awwwwwhhhhhhhh!!!


Virtuous Wife

 Priscilla: So you composed a love song for Mabel, caught her unawares by proposing to her in Public (Crystal Awards) and did an extremely private wedding, what else do you have planned up your sleeves for her?

{Spice’s Love Song exclusively to Spicy)


SPICE: If I had responded to an interview question with some of those stunts you just mentioned before I did them, it would have ruined the surprise, right? So please don’t let me ruin the upcoming ones by revealing here. But one thing is for sure, I always love to sweep her off her feet every chance I get.

Priscilla: Good answer. haha!


See how far God has brought us.

Priscilla: So Mabel, I hear you are his Manager, how will you separate/manage the wife and managerial duties?

SPICY: Hahahaha! (Laughs) well let’s put it this way. We are a team, we share with each other everything, from work related issues to intimate ones, so it’s safe to say we are each others managers.

The other part as a wife and managing my duties, I take them very seriously and by God’s grace it’s been glorious all through as I trust God for more insight and wisdom.


Excited for our future

Priscilla: Hummnn! Now I know….. Indeed Spice has chosen well.. kudos!

Priscilla: How do you intend managing conflicts?

SPICE: Even before we started dating, I always used to share one of my personal convictions with her… “Marriage takes two adults who are willing to make it work.”As simple as this sounds, it works wonders just understanding it. When the conflicts come up, remind yourself you are determined to be an adult, and to make it work. When both parties are on this page, conflicts get squashed easily.


Together Forever!

SPICY: Oh great! So happy I will be answering this because it is very real. Have we had conflicts or misunderstandings? Yes, many times. Infact, on the day of Crystal Awards 2014, we had a misunderstanding. I was so close to not attending the event that night, and you know the story… he proposed to me. One thing that has kept us this far is the determination not to stay upset for so long with each other and mostly to Forgive. This has helped us all the way and we trust God for more wisdom for the future.

The epic proposal

The epic proposal

Priscilla: What do you have to say to each other?

SPICE: “Like I always say, Loving you is my hobby, and you make it SO easy loving you. Thanks for loving me. I love you forever!’


Aren’t we cute together?

SPICY: “Olutola Ayomi (My Joy), I want to say thank you for being “yourself” all the way. You have entrusted your life to me and made me a part of your world. I will always be there for you and be everything you want me to be, so help me God. I Love you, I Cherish our Love for the rest of my life and I will forever be yours. Muaah!” (Kisses)…

Priscilla faints!!!! Interview Over- I rest my case.. What more can I ask after these lovely words? This is a good place to end this love story. Enjoy the song and feed your eyes with the photos…


Spicy: You know I beat you to that dance right? | Spice: Yes honey, your smile distracted me!!


The Couple with their Pastor Rev. Wale Akinronbi of Father’s House


Tola’s Parents- Celebration Galore- Mr. & Mrs. Omoniyi SNR


Whispers Of Love as they cut their Cake!


Here We Go!!!!!

On behalf of the Praiseworld Family, I pray that their marriage and home will be heaven on earth, and everyone joins me to say AMEN!!!!!!

Congrats Spice!

Congrats First Lady!

Up Praiseworld Radio!!!!

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L-R: Ola Kazeem, A’cube of Afternoon Groove| The BOSS- Tola | D’MO of Praiseworld Top 10 | Nikki Laoye of Girls Rock & Hubby- Alex | Ayobami Omotoriogun


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