Casting Crowns’ Lead Singer Mark Hall Is Out Of Surgery To Remove Cancer


Atlanta, GA, USA — Mark Hall, the lead singer for popular contemporary Christian band Casting Crowns, underwent surgery to remove a cancerous kidney Wednesday and “everything went really well,” according to an update from the band.

“Mark is out of surgery. Everything went really well. Dr. says textbook operation. Just like we prayed for. I told the doctor that he might possibly be the most prayed for Dr. on the planet today. He will be in recovery for a while. Thank you so much for your prayers,” noted an update on the band’s Facebook page posted yesterday.

Earlier on Tuesday, Mark’s wife showed appreciation for the massive support she and her family have received since sharing news about Mark’s health.

Band and close family and friends praying with them at the hospital.

Band and close family and friends praying with them at the hospital.

“I’m completely humbled by the number of people that have expressed their love for us and are interceding in prayer. There are no words to express the gratitude in this wife’s heart. Thank you for praying for us. We have had friends and strangers from all over the world tell us they are praying — an orphan school in Kenya, neighbors we just met, long lost high school friends, Christian music artists from their concerts, schools, offices, pastors in South Africa, chaplains in the Army, churches, radio DJs, fans, missionaries in Brazil, and countless others I couldn’t begin to name. Thank you. Your prayers are felt,” ~ Melanie

She highlighted four specific prayer requests noted below.

1. Please pray that God will watch over everything related to the surgery and that it goes well. Pray that we have favor with the hospital staff and doctors.

2. Please pray for complete healing and a quick recovery for Mark.

3. Please pray that God will give us opportunities and discernment to share Christ’s love. And pray that we will have strength and courage to represent Him well on this journey.

4. Please also pray that God will give YOU an opportunity to share His love through this. Many of you have said that friends, family members and co-workers are asking you questions about God because of what is happening to Mark. Please, please use these opportunities to point people to Jesus. It may even be one of the reasons God has allowed this.

We thank God for a quick recovery process for Mark and as many as are going through storms at the moment, we speak PEACE!

Culled from Casting Crowns Facebook page

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