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One could speak about how beautiful life is, if one knows what the lack of it feels like.

I could speak of those little things that make life so beautiful…

For one doesn’t know how precious a rose is
Until It’s trampled upon and it’s glory, faded… in just a moment.

One doesn’t know how much surplus he has
Until lack steps in, controlling even emotions he never knew existed.

One doesn’t know comfort and ease
Until he’s thrown out of his abode, in dire need of a roof over his graceless head.

One doesn’t know the essence of life and living
Until death takes away what means the world to him.

One doesn’t know love unconditional
Until he learns of a man who took his own guiltless life for a sinful friend.

beauty of life 2

So I’ve learnt to appreciate love, life, beauty, simple air, friends turned family, little opportunities…
Little steps we take, gradual heights we reach, endless valleys leading to alleys…

I have learnt to cherish the flash of a candle light in the midst of gross darkness…

For even in all that depicts death, stagnation and backwardness around us, God is still glorified, He’s still working all for our good.

Working His way into our hearts through a little whisper, a timely message from Praiseworld Radio that sweeps through our timeline, the knowing that God really does care for us, enough to carry every one of our burdens, enough to share them in bits, placing them on the shoulders of those stronger than we are… For their strengths sharpen our weak parts, making us one family, one body in Christ…

beauty of life 1

So I look back at all that should have destroyed us, at all that should have torn us apart and I see that they only made us stronger, better, wiser, more beautiful and refined.

Death should have been our tragedy, but the dawn of new life brought in itself immense beauty.

So I salute all who still stand… And you, our family who’s taken it upon yourselves to be the influence that the world needs so badly.

Though we’ve lost many… here with you, we find the courage to fight till they’re restored… There’s even more work to be done and we never relent in reaching out…


This is my twenty something’th piece on this platform and I dedicate it to you, my family… We are a team… We Are Praiseworld…

I’ve given you my hand, and together, we can groom these little roses that still blossom…

You and I together give life all the beauty that remains.

Welcome to a new era… Welcome to Praiseworld Radio, Our New World Of Influence!!!

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