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Every moment, when you look at me

Clearly you can see the characters that I form.

You can trace the lyrics that I exude

The crooked lines that do not always find its rhyme

But with each step, each day,

Pieces of this puzzle that I am,

Come together to form the words that you now call

Beautiful. Amazing. Graced. Focused. Creative. Child of God.

This is my calling.

This song that I sing with this life that I live.

This is my calling.


I do not always form the right words.

On my own, these lyrics do not make sense.

I do need Your beat to feel my flow.

Your strings caressing my being

Setting me free from all my worries

The sound of your drum pouring forth instructions

Deep down my subconscious

Those keys paving the way, ordering my steps

Teaching me how to sway to your beautiful tempo

I am nothing.

And the sweet sound you make is everything

Your rhythm moves the waters

Your rhythm directs the wind swiftly

Your rhythm soars high to the heavens

Pouring down to the earth

With everything in between dancing to your lovely tune


Yet You give me this privilege to be Your song

To create the lyrics that fits perfectly to your masterpiece

The words don’t come every time, You know that

Sometimes, I’m just full of mumblings, musings and sweet little nothings

Yet I am Your beautiful song

You and I make perfect music

This beat will never end, I know that

And when this song transcends beyond this existence someday

The lyrics that I’ve formed will remain

And I will continue being Your song

Filled with heavenly chants

The likes of HALLELUYAH!

Yes Lord!

Let this be my song…

Together with the twenty and four Elder lyricists.

*Image Credits – Google images

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