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On Saturday the 30th of April, 2016, Aimee’s Library held its monthly kids book club at Midas Play House, 36A Jaiye Oyedotun Street, Magodo GRA, Ikeja. With over 30 kids in attendance, ranging from ages 3 – 12, the club was packed with activities aimed at encouraging reading among kids of diverse learning standards, making reading a social experience as well as an individual activity and helping kids in developing verbal expression of ideas and feelings.


The club explored various creative activities as well which encouraged critical thinking and created a time for reflection, sharing and exploration.


Working on developing their personal journals (This is still supposed to be our own little secret!), our kids dug in to various degrees of expressions to ensure that their collection is as heart warming as well as most creative once it’s being displayed for their parents/guardians by the end of the year. This adventure created an opportunity for kids to see literature in a new way.

Reading can be so much fun… That’s the point!

Meet some of our star readers…


Ayanfeoluwa would love to be a Doctor when she grows up. She has a LOT of friends and a few best friends too (typical with kids right?)

We figure Ayanfe will be a great scholar as well. With every moment spent within and outside the club, she can be anything she wants to be!

That’s for sure.





Jire would love to become an astronaut, and he loves rockets.

He’s calm and has the aura of a great leader.

Just like a man who earns his respect, our star reader brings his A-game every time.

Keep on shining!




Elizabeth really thinks Doctors rock! She wants to be a Lawyer too… Lol. With all that’s possible in this Generation X? We believe she can accomplish that and more. She’s smart, and she thinks (well we also think) that’s why her friends like her… Lol

And just like any older sis, there’s always an annoying younger sis, and a cute lil bro who calms her down… Go figure!


Plus many more…

















Why should your child be in the club?

Over time, your kids will develop the feeling of belonging to a group, being respected, and treating other group members with respect. This will helped our young readers bond with others of like mind or different age groups, and create a chance to see others in a new way, by learning of their respective personalities via fictional and nonfictional inspiration.

Most importantly, your kid will experience the joy in reading and becoming smarter and more intelligent.


Oh! And there were lots of munching to do…




Although, the dough didn’t last, the impression on our kids, we hope to make it a lasting one.

More Photos…











































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Join us at the end of this month for another special edition.

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