BLOG: “Nobody Knows… I Was Blind Too” – Written By Adesewa | @Adesewa06


“I’m going blind. I cannot seem to see anything anymore. Joy all gone… Liberty all clogged up… Peace? They have become troubled waters.

It’s just me and trust me… To be blind is to be dead. I keep on crying. Tears filling all the sheets I set the reams of my heart upon.

“God if you can hear me… HELP!!!”

I remembered those times. Those times when I thought… “No, I was sure I heard God. HE told me to move on with that idea.” HE counseled me… told me to get on ahead. That HE was teaching me as HE held me. But I lost it as I went on ahead. Men left me… Friends could not perceive my pain. But they came to me for help… I spoke with them… was strong for them… was there for them… with the right words. I was there, ‘cause GOD was there through me to help them.


Today I have learnt that I could go blind, but God had and always has my sight in place. I was blind but God saw me. I was blind, but I was not in the dark. There was light… there was clarity… there was strength… lurking beneath my blindness.

I learnt that I went blind to be able to gain strength to walk the farthest journey without taking for granted my eyes (vision) and my heart (HIS Love). I did not have to ‘feel’ my way through ‘cause he led me through.

Yes!!! It was hard. But I learnt, that I went blind, not just so that I could help others coming behind, but so that I would come to the consciousness that I could ‘see’ in my blindness. That I could see and ‘taste’ the essence of deep fellowship with HIM.


I was blind, but blessed. Blessed beyond measure, beyond my senses.

Your tears may have blinded your eyes. Your worries may have clung to your heart. Your pain, most definitely brings everything to remembrance.

Whatever it may be, there’s always a river close by. Wash and Dip yourself in it.

You may be blind… But your heart can see. What has HE told you? His Words NEVER fail.

HE is doing a new thing! Can you not see it?

GET UP! Keep Moving!

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