Limoblaze Set To Release “Last Arena – LP” July 23 (See Cover + Tracklisting) | @Limoblaze

Limoblaze - Last Arena LP

NIGERIA — Independent recording artist and producer Limoblaze gears up to release his second studio project “Last Arena – Lp” after a successful release of his first studio project “Random notes – Ep” and a couple of ground breaking singles to follow up.

Here’s what he has to say about this project:

“The concept behind Last Arena is me basically trying to paint a picture of the last day, the Rapture and the joy the saints and saved in Christ will have on that day. I try to paint a picture where the Last Day would be like a
musical concert, like the grandest of all, where the guest artist is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ.

The arena of this grand show would be in the sky, because that is the only worthy venue or Arena worthy of holding such glory. This basically is the hope of all Christians, while we go through the hurt, pain and struggles – that our faith is built on the fact that someday our Lord would come take us to be with Him in glory.

Also on this project I get to make music centered on a few touchy topics that I feel need to be heard by
Christians and non-Christians today. I already put out two singles from this project “Repping” and “Pressure Remix” .”


Limoblaze Last Arena Tracklisting

The 9 track project contains notable features from in and out of Nigeria and is due for release on Thursday, 23rd July, 2015″


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