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Ever wondered why there seem to be so much noise about the teen age. One minute, a child is looking forward to being a teen, the next you know is they are looking forward to being 18, and after that, they begin looking forward to leaving the teenage. What is it about the teen age that makes it so exciting yet so ‘dangerous’?

It’s common place to find the adults easily saying things like ‘I know it’s those teenagers that messed this place up’ or the moment they see opposite sexes laughing casually, they ask, ‘Are you having a girlfriend? All this teenagers sha’. And the list is endless.

The teen-age is one of the most critical times of ones life, it’s the time for adventure, discovery and growth. Most times the future can be determined by the way through which one lives the teenage life. This can be good or bad. It is easy to focus on the negative side of the teenage life that we conveniently forget the great opportunities that the teen-age brings.

There’s a very great likelihood that one will make one mistake or the other during this middle zone between childhood and adulthood, but it is possible to reduce the severity of the mistakes to the barest minimum.

Here are nuggets to note as one goes through the journey of #BeingATeen…

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Build Healthy Relationships

  • The quality of relationships you form could determine the quality of your life.
  • Don’t assume someone is a snob, you want to be friends with someone? Make the move.
  • Forgive as easily as possible. Enemies do become best of friends.
  • Don’t be particular about forming cliques, it prevents you from benefiting from various other people.
  • Connect with people of different tribes and races.
  • Throw away stereotypes, it will prevent you from enjoying the richness in diversity.
  • Partake in extra curricular activities, whether you know how to or not. Just do it for the fun of it.
  • Live more in the real life than in the virtual world i.e social media.
  • Be particular about giving to people than taking from them.


  • Life will throw you different curves at different times
  • Though your friends are great company, you need someone older who can help you see things from an experienced angle.
  • Learn to talk to someone about the things you don’t understand about yourself.
  • Be open about matters of the heart.
  • Avoid secret relationships.
  • Making a mistake doesn’t make you a mistake, it just shows you have tried something.
  • Report yourself to this accountability partner form time to time.
  • Deliberately cultivate your relationship with your parents.
  • You won’t always be right ,be open to correction.

Explore and push yourself

  • Among many other things, strength is on your side, use it well.
  • Don’t box yourself too early, wait till you are old to do that.
  • Try as many hobbies as possible.
  • Challenge yourself to do things that you are scared of.
  • Consciously develop your own identity, don’t get lost in the various identities the media will sell you. Find you.
  • Seek out opportunities to do things and take them when they present themselves.
  • See places; travel if you can, make a conscious effort to see place, it molds your orientation and thought process capacity.


  1. Many things… In fact, all things in life are fleeting, even the teen-age lasts for only sometime, God remains forever.
  2. Develop a relationship with God. It will help handle many hurdles.
  3. Ask questions and seek answers about God. Don’t shy away from questions that bother you about God, take advantage of the fact that teenagers are expected to ask silly questions, so ask.
  4. Serve with your talents. You will find growth.
  5. Consciously be a blessing to those around you.


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