INSPIRING: TY Bello Finds ‘Mystery Lady’, Transforms Her Into A Model


Lagos, NG — TY Bello took to Instagram a few days back to announce the search of a lady she coincidentally captured during a photo shoot with UK rapper, Tinnie Tempah who was in Lagos, Nigeria for a UNICEF Project and photo shoot for THISday Style Magazine. The lady was hawking ‘Agege’ bread whilst the shoot was going and she fit perfectly into the photo as a model would.

TY Bello got to work in search of the viewers’ choice model, with the aim of transforming her into one.

She took to social media yesterday to announce her excitement after finding the mystery lady..  She wrote:

So I found her …our beauty from the @tiniegram shoot and boy have I got a fantastic story to share with you all.

Right here is an amazing 27yr old mother of two , Jumoke Sunday with an incredible life story . I called on three amazing artists @bimpeonakoya for beautiful makeup.. @zubbydefinition for hair and @emaedosio to make a short documentary about her..

Every one gave a yes! on the spot. They were all at the studio within an hour and we had the most amazing shoot with her. I’ve also spoken to a few people about the best way to help move her forward and reunite her with her family…

The process has already begone and I’ll figure out the best way to have anyone who wants to be part of the journey .Meeting and photographing her has inspired us all and we can’t wait for the good that will come to her from all of this…

Meet Olajumoke…

TY has begun sharing updates on this amazing and inspiring transformation.


“Here’s a selfie with Jumoke at the shoot.

We took out her Extensions and we love her natural cropped hair.. She’s awesome..” ~ TY Bello

Talk about ‘being at the right place at the right time’, or just being exceptionally favoured!

We congratulate Olajumoke and wish her success in all her endeavors, and we pray that God blesses and rewards TY and all who always seize the opportunity daily, to be an inspiration to many.

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