PHOTO SPEAKS: Coterie’s Radio Rave With Praiseworld Radio #FotoFriday

Yaaaaay!!! It’s #FotoFriday… Check out amazing stories we’ve cooked up from our photobook, just for you.

We take you back to Coterie’s #RadioRave which took place on Sunday, 2nd August at The Roots Bar and Lounge, Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event featured foremost Lagos On Air Personalities (OAPs) such as Tosyn Bucknor, Bella Rose, Gozzim & Arthur (Holly Holla), Lolo of Wazobia FM, 4Lah of Nigeria Info and Emma Oh My God (ELtv) and was emceed by TOLA Spice on the Mic (Praiseworld radio) and Ayo Thompson(Cool TV)…

That was the “Once Upon A Time Part”… Now enjoy the rest of the gist.


TOLA Spice on the Mic (Praiseworld radio) and Ayo Thompson(Cool TV) brought in lots of swagzz with them as they anchored the coolest radio rave yet!


With Spice, it wasn’t business as usual… Radio vibes, yes… But there was more to the live feel… Go figure!


And that radiance… Ya’ll know what’s up!


Taking about radiance, the room was filled with that… Awesome personalities came in to unwind, bringing so much glow to the atmosphere… **Clears throat** That’s Mrs. Spice by the way, Mabel Omoniyi (Tola’s Wifey) with Praiseworld teammate, Ope Walker


L-R Praiseworld Radio OAP, Yele; Ope Walker & Mabel Omoniyi


L-R Yele, DJ A’Cube (Switch Mixx) & Ope Walker [Yeah.. In case you’re wondering, DJ A’Cube now has a friendly pact with cameras… *wink*]


LOL Emma Oh My God… What can we say? He cracked us up mehn and gave this facial expression like nothing happened. Now try mimicking this [Ohww My Gaaad]… LOL


Nigerian Idol Winner, K-Peace came through as well to wow the audience.


We caught a glimpse of OAP & Radio mama, Lolo 1 of Wazobia FM…


Lolo sharing about doing what you love and loving what you do… Thanks ma’am, we learnt alot!


And yeah! Larry J took us waaaaaay back… Sure many of those jokes were told to some of us by our parents but what do you expect, we had to play along… Hehehe


Bella Rose shared with us what she loved to do… The tech lady sure brought with her lots of inspiration… Beyond the voice on radio!


Provabs!!! The mic tried but nothing could hold him… The musical break was off da hook!


Grooving to Provabs’ track – Me… She couldn’t hold it too!


4Lah capped up the OAP series with a lil #DearArtiste piece. Now we remember this… TOLA – What do you do when an artiste sends in a piece that’s just not it? 4Lah – *smiles* I trash it. (What?) I mean, they know me enough by now to not want to send me such… LOL


Seyi @Sunkit1 & The Dream Catchers came through and left us awed… Check out the stunts… (DISCLAIMER: Don’t allow your kids try these, not unless they’re ‘Dream Catchers’… LOL)


And then we go… Yeeeepaaaa!!!


Ghen Ghen!




Let’s Go There!


Rap Artiste, J- Thyna brought a great closing to the rave…


Shout out to DJ Mow, DJ PeeDee¬†and of course, DJ A’Cube on the wheels of steel!


And erm… When we call for the next #RadioRave, where will you be? Catcha! [L-R – Praiseworld teammates, Ayomitide & Adesewa]

Watchu waiting for? And They Lived Happily Ever After?

LOL… That’s the end of our story… Bye ya’all! Don’t forget to #LoveYourself and #TakeASelfie!!!

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