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“Live Through It…” Adesewa’s Exposé From #AngelsWalking By Karen Kingsbury | #ABookInHand @Adesewa06

Tyler hits rock bottom. Across the country, Tyler’s one true love Sami Dawson has moved on.
A series of small miracles leads Tyler to a maintenance job at a retirement home and a friendship with Virginia Hutcheson, an old woman with Alzheimer’s who strangely might have the answers he so desperately seeks…


Meet Adesewa Adeoye…


Very recently I had to go see a ‘spiritual relative’ of mine who was involved in a ghastly motor accident. The bone that connects her right arm to her shoulder was broken and so she had to be operated on. She told me that their vehicle was hit three times by a LAGBUS from behind and at the side consecutively. The next time her eyes were open, she and the other passengers were lying on a pavement watching in pain how passersby’s took their photographs. “I covered my face with the back of my left palm wondering if I hadn’t started to trend on social media” she demonstrated.

There’s something common to Nigerians, or maybe Lagosians’. Because of the kind of security system we don’t run, witnesses of accidents and public mishaps always tend to not lend a hand to the victims. “What if they die? I’ll be held responsible” is usually the phrase on impulse. So generally, people just prefer to save their heads. Let’s say my ‘spiritual relative’s name is Aduke.

Aduke apparently had to call out for help in her own case.


Three days before the accident, a stern looking client had walked into her office. She was popularly called ‘Alhaja’ for obvious reason. Alhaja hardly smiles when she comes around and everybody was used to it – no offences taken at all. But on this day when she came, Aduke had called out to her smiling and offering a meal. Of course, it was a strange move and even Aduke herself was tagged as ‘eniyan to n be’ – that is, someone who jumped the line. Alhaja finally eased out a large smile after being asked if she would either have ‘iyan’ or ‘amala’. “Iyan ti da”, she said.

While Aduke lay there struggling between the pain that comes with being unable to make a life or death choice, she sighted Alhaja. “I don’t know where the strength came from as I called out loudly to get Alhaja’s attention’.

Alhaja had to use the ‘iyan’ strength to come to the rescue. At that point, to me, she was Aduke’s angel. Aduke had unknowingly entertained a ‘stranger’ who in turn helped her.

Following Aduke’s narration, Karen Kingsbury has been able to serve us with an exciting exposition of Hebrews 13:2.

More than the coherent story lines, ANGELS WALKING reveals how things are proposed for us in the realm of the spirit. What we think we actually really know about God’s desire and purpose for us is less than a fraction of the original intent. What we feel and always dwell on are the processes and pains of being patient – if we are. Through the pen of the author, life happens much more beyond the physical. Thoughts and desires we may have penned down, but God’s plans for us – if we allow – yield much more. Tyler, the center of the story, although had every single thing going on for him had to go on a purposeful spiritual break to get it right.

So, many times, God gets our attention by shifting our focus from what could ruin us – in the end. To be eternally successful is to be solely dependent on GRACE. Everyone who comes into our life is there for some specific reason. If we can, we can ask –in prayers – to know why and what they are doing in our life but if we cannot, we must live with the consciousness that meeting people is never a coincidence. There’s always a plan.

We most likely would not see a very beautiful tall being with white wings just like we would not see a black guy with large rabbit teeth that has a fork in his hand in real life. But we would meet people, and we need to be sensitive about what purpose and role they have come to play.

Like James Fortune & FIYA’s track ‘Live Through It’, God put every of the novel’s character through the path of destiny to make them WALK, GROW and LIVE! Sometimes you just really need to take a breathe from YOU and let GOD!

The major themes of the novel are: Love and Forgiveness, Service, Man’s Struggle for Perfection, Miracles, Prayer and The Life Beyond.

Love and Forgiveness: This was revealed through Virginia. She was one of the many strangers that Tyler met on his journey of GRACE. The remarkable thing is that she taught him through her dementia. Virginia had lost her son, Ben, years back and had slowly deteriorated after that.

She found solace talking to Tyler from her sick-dying bed. She taught him how God was the only perfect person and how she had forgiven ‘Ben’ for every mistake he had made. Tyler learnt true love and extended it in forgiveness to his family, whom he had disconnected with years back.

Service: Marcus, who was Tyler’s childhood buddy had to learn service ‘giving’ after the death of Baldy, the guy they had so much believed in. Through life, he had grown in business and passion but had not had the wisdom to invest in people. He said a prayer in his distress that God would give him a sign to show that HE really existed.

Tyler happened to be this sign. God connected them through Virginia’s daughter, Cheryl, and there it was, the opportunity to serve his friend, Tyler. Service to Tyler, was the beginning of his Miracle. Wouldn’t you just want to invest in people and see them experience a gift that money cannot buy?

Man’s Struggle for Perfection: At every point in life, either consciously or on unconsciously, many of us become Tylers’. Especially in cases where we had once been at the top of our game, we tend to have the drive to want to take it a notch higher – but outside God’s will.

Tyler had it all. The zeal, the passion, the drive, but not the Grace. Angels Walking reveals that we are not justified by our works, but by the grace which had been prepared for us in advance. We all need to recognize this at every point and examine our hearts.

Miracles: Oh My! They sure do happen. They happen to those who are expectant and believe.

Miracles are the physical manifestation of our prayers. Karen was able to stress the fact that “If you have not yet seen it, then keep praying”. It may not look like it, but keep praying. At the point of many prayers, usually at the verge of our miracles showing forth, we always want to loose grip. But we need to hold on, and keep our faith alive. This also goes out to those who intercede on behalf of people. The prayers go a long way and we must believe that it has been heard by God.

Prayer: Prayers activate our miracles. The angels prayed. Tyler prayed. His parents prayed.

Cheryl prayed. Marcus prayed. Virginia prayed. All these people had their prayers at different points and got a miracle. Prayers are never enough. We must keep praying.

The Life Beyond: There’s more to the physical life that we live. All that we are and would eventually become is tied around spirituality. Nothing just happens to a child of God. There are no words like coincidences in the realm of the spirit because God has a blue print for every life and desires that we all come to the full knowledge of these and walk in its light.

I trust that as you go through the first of the Angels Walking Series by Karen Kingsbury, your eyes would be open to the wisdom that lies in every sentence. There are so many phrases that stuck as I read. Let me share some:

“To make matters worse, these two have forgotten their potential. They have lost their way. And if we fail, all history will suffer” – Live your life for the destinies tied to you “Perfect is overrated”

“Life is short. Love needs to have its way while there is still time”

“When a person starts to live for God, when he steps out of the box of rules and rehearsed ways of living, he becomes real.”

…and many more!!!!

It is not just a novel, it is life changing – you would see this where Karen mentions her source of inspiration for this series at the end of the book. LOL! Yes! I read it from cover to cover.

My Reflection for You: Angels are on the look out for you. Are you willing to let them in or you just wanna have it all figured out?

God Bless You.


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