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“Talk To The Father, Whenever, However…” Abimbola’s Exposé From #AngelsWalking By Karen Kingsbury | #ABookInHand @MsBimbz

We’ve had great experiences reading from Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury in the past month and we’re glad to announce that we move on to the next book in the series titled Chasing Sunsets… Meanwhile, you can continue to whet your appetite as you share with one of our readers from last month…


Meet Abimbola Ayodele


This book narrates the lives of Tyler Ames and Samantha Dawson, young people who loved each other deeply but had to go their separate ways at a certain point.


My opinion as regards this is, the fulfillment of our destinies and lives is co-dependent on someone else God has chosen. We should learn to pray towards not eluding such persons. God had a plan for them and this plan could only be fulfilled only if they were together. Angels of God took it upon themselves to make sure they came back together. Tyler and Sami as fondly called by Tyler both led what seemed to be perfect lives apart from each other until incidents that turned things around, Tyler chose to play for a baseball team instead of going to college on scholarship.

Samantha went to college sponsored by her grandparent who had designed her perfect life for her. Tyler Ames played for a couple of years, he was going up the rank, earning big until he started rolling with wrong people. He got arrested couple of times, got drunk and got in an accident, his career went down the line before it began. But still God had a plan for him.

God doesn’t exactly need the most chaste person to do His will.

These words captured my heart in the book #AngelsWalking…

I learnt about identifying our passion just as Tyler identified baseball playing as his, I also I am of the opinion of having an alternative passion or an alternative means of income or livelihood, save resources for the unknown and investments. For example when he had the shoulder injury and he got kicked of his team, He was left without money, if he had university degree or he had saved he would have had money for his surgery or decent house to stay at least.

This is where praying to God for divine direction comes in, because most times what seems right isn’t usually all that.

Most of all, God sees and knows all our struggles, some of them He allows in preparation for where He is taking us to, some of them so Just so we can talk to Him. Talk to the Father whenever, however.

Also, when two or more children of the Lord agree in prayer it keeps away the forces of darkness and triggers amazing miracles Tyler found himself saying short prayers to God after his shoulder injury and the feeling was tremendous is prayers, I believe triggered his miracle healing and reunion with his long lost love, Sami.

Thank you for sharing Abimbola…


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