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One of Nigeria’s top Gospel vocalist Ibukun popularly known as I.B.K held it down on stage at her ‘Abba’ album release concert in Sunday 8th 2020.
The release concert also had performances from a few members of the Xtreme Crew; the likes of Blessyn, Okey Sokay and Rejoice as well as the beautiful songstress Enkay Ogboruche.
I.B.K mounted the stage for her first set looking fabulous in a glittering two piece trouser suit. The crowd was on their feet as she kicked off with her debut single ‘Iyanu’.
Little did we know it was going to be a night to remember. The vibe in the room was electric and the crowd was held bound from the onset to the very end.
There were several moments where the crowd was totally mesmerized by her husky, sweet and sultry tone and several moments where everyone could sense the strong presence of God right there in the room.
I.B.K served us a full course meal and ensured she topped it all off with desert.
After serving a delicious rendition of ‘Iyanu’, she switched it up to one of the songs from the ‘Abba’ album titled ‘Onyeoma’. This time, it required our dance steps and boy did we dance!
Without giving us much room to catch our breath, I.B.K took it up a notch with another worship song . A song that not only changed the atmosphere into a very solemn one but left the crowd blasting in tongues and lifting up hands and voices in total surrender to God.
The room erupted with several voices raised as she transitioned into her latest single ‘Alewileshe’. The energy was contagious, you could almost taste the joy and excitement in the room as the crowd swayed and sang alongside her; ♪ You have done what no man can do, Alewileshe, Aleshelewi ♪ 
The first set came to an end, much to our disappointment as we couldn’t seem to get enough of this firecracker!
The next session began with Tim Godfrey taking the role of an interviewer where he encouraged I.B.K to share her journey to making the ’Abba’ Album.
According to her, the journey to creating the album was an experience that deepened her relationship with God.
The journey opened her eyes to seeing Jesus beyond what she was taught as a child in Sunday school but rather seeing Jesus as Father who is always there.
After a short break I.B.K showed up on stage for the second set wearing an orange and black colored kimono.
Again the crowd was on their feet as she kicked off with our all time favorite and newly revamped “Kosi”. Again the room buzzed with excitement as the crowd sang along with huge smiles on their faces.
It was such a nostalgic feeling as the song took us back to the amazing ‘Audience of One‘ album by Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme crew. 
She wrapped up the set with another song from the ‘Abba’ album titled ”Oba” which had an indigenous style to it.
I.B.K delivered each song exceptionally well. The crowd couldn’t seem to get enough of her.
There were several moments where the crowd stood in awe of the unique sounds that flowed from her mouth. Every word, every phrase, every adlib was oiled with sweetness, combined with the anointing.
We have no doubt that this is just the beginning for this power house.
The ‘Abba’ release concert came to an end with Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme crew raising up an altar of Praise!  
I.B.K came into the limelight as a back up singer in the Xtreme crew led by Tim Godfrey.
She slowly began to draw our attention, having led songs like ’Kosi’ ’Atobiju’ ’Ibuchukwu’ and ‘Hosanna’ by Tim Godfrey.
Over time she has gained a huge followership on social media and fans all around the world.
She’s that one singer the crowd always looks forward to hearing when the Xtreme crew are on stage. ‘IBK Live In Concert’ was an opportunity to experience I.B.K as an artist and surely we were not disappointed.
It was a beautiful experience, one we would hold dearly to our hearts.
We can’t wait to experience so much more as well as all the different shades of I.B.K. We’re here for it and you can be rest assured we would be here to tell the story.
Written by
Tobiloba Joshua
Praiseworld Radio


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