Holy Spirit, My Best Friend ~ By @AdesewaInc

I just got into a supposedly serious relationship with this Holy-Spirit-Filled-Demon-Casting-Tongue-Speaking guy and because it was a ‘godly’ relationship and well, I was good enough Christian, I was looking forward to an awesome relationship – what you call dating. We communicated over the phone almost every time because He had to be out of the state at the time. It really was not a bad relationship until He kept knocking into my head things like “I cannot tell you everything. Some things are just between me and God”. Even though I believed he could be correct, I felt (and still do believe) that that is the most selfish and lame excuse for not telling things when you are in a relationship. Back to my line of thoughts…

On this particular day, he had said almost the same words again and for some reason I just knew I was on my own. I began to tell myself the truth – Whether the English was alone or lonely, I was very much in their company. What was the point in being in the relationship sef when the guy had another person that he could tell everything – and knew everything about him. I remember I was in a bus heading home from school. Right there, in tiny little sobs, I wrote my very first song – My Friend.

My journey with the Holy Spirit had started long before this relationship but it was not an active one. I had been born again, I cannot remember how long, but I used to hear tiny voices in my head telling me things to do – I however was more convinced the thoughts came from my mind than from my spirit. Then I met Pastor Yongi Cho on the pages of Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner. My first encounter with the book pushed me to consciously engage the Spirit that lives in every believer once they believe and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. And so, when I wake up in the morning, I say “Holy Spirit, be my Senior Partner today”. I believe that maybe a lot of us actually have the Holy Spirit, but we do not feel or think we see Him work/walk in our lives plainly because we directly or indirectly ignore Him.

In walking with the Holy Spirit or allowing Him lead us, we need to be ready to listen to Him and do what He says following every detail. Sometimes, when I am going through my day but suddenly realize I have not heard the Holy Spirit talk with me, I ask Him what’s up. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, and just like we want to be acknowledged and recognized, we must be willing and ready to keep Him as an unhindered top priority in our lives.

The Bible reveals to us that the Holy Spirit is our teacher. How does a teacher behave? A teacher tells us something, we take what he/she says or we probe further for better understanding. It is the same with the Spirit of God. You enjoy His company when you engage Him. In fact, sometimes, you just might look up in the sky and see some formed clouds. You could just ask, “Is there something You are trying to teach me, Holy Spirit?” if he affirms, ask Him to open your heart to understand what exactly it is. He might explain in the same instant or go through it with you in a length of days. Teachable people have a sweet experience with the Holy Spirit. Even when there is a bad experience, we can ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the good that there is.

Walking with the Holy Spirit is humanly inconveniencing because we have our will and emotions. We would rather sleep through the night than have some tiny voice wake us up to pray. We would rather eat the whole week than have to take a fast for someone you do not even know. We would prefer to take the regular route while driving than the one He instructs because we think we are comfortable going that way. In spite of the stretch we might feel as He nudges our hearts daily, there will never be a life more fulfilled than one which is lived under the influence of this sweet, most rewarding spirit of God.

As we go through this New Year, I hope that we can take the conscious step to engage the Holy Spirit in everything. He makes life super easy!

As for that my ex, I am more than excited that he took me through a path I will never recover from. The path that surpassed his not telling me things. On this path, you don’t even have to tell me anything anymore. If the Holy Spirit needs me to know, He’ll tell me.

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