Happy World Sexual Purity Day 2016 | @SexualPuritySPA

world-sexual-purity-day-2016-bHappy World Sexual Purity Day
#WorldSexualpuirtyday #Nov14

#WorldSexualPurityDay is a celebration of the grace that has been given  to humanity to live above sexual temptations and immoralities.

#WDPD is celebrated annually on November 14th. The day is ceased to  make more awareness on God’s statue on righteousness and the grace he has given us to live this life of purity; A life free from masturbation, pornography, fornication, adultery and the likes.

world-sexual-purity-day-2016We celebrate every one who have had their battle with sexual sin, those who are standing everyday for sexual purity, those who fall and rise again for their love for God and purity!

Happy World Sexual Purity Day!!!

From: Sexual Purity Academy (SPA)
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