Kishi’s Birthday Tribute to Olutola Omoniyi


I didn’t know what it meant to really have a brother.
Someone older I could confide in.
Someone I actually wanted to be like.
Someone I wanted to learn from.
Someone I wanted to speak to me and with me.

We came, we met and we stayed.
Words can’t begin to describe how much you mean to me sir
I bless the day I set my eyes on you and called you friend.
I bless the day I stepped into PWR

And I must say,
It’s been breathtaking seeing you from upfront/afar and admiring the man that you’ve become.
You’ve overcome your fears.
Your disappointments.
You’ve overcome your Anxieties.
And in the eye of the storm, you stood steadfast and looked only to God.
No one else, just God.

You’re a Conqueror.



You let the fire in you burn fiercely without giving as much thought to the fire around you.
Its refreshing and awesome to know that you’ve found a deep relationship with God.
He that has kept you this far.
He’s moulding you for his purpose.
He’s been using you for his purpose.
You’re HIS Purpose.
And for all this, I am glad and happy for having someone like you stay in my life when everyone seems to be pulling away.

But thinking about all this.. I love you more for it.
I admire you more for it.
Makes me wonder if I can be like that.
And be a better man.

tola-4Today is your birthday.
And I wish I could be there in person…
To wish you and say the words Happy birthday to you.
I’m glad you are a strong man amidst all that you’ve been through.
I’m glad you know God.
I’m glad because you’re glad because its you’re birthday.

TOLA during Praise Party, Abeokuta

TOLA during Praise Party, Abeokuta

You mean a lot.
To Me.
To Us.
To the World.
And to God.

Happy birthday Sir Olutola Omoniyi
God bless you richly in this new dispensation.

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