MUSIC: Glofame – Brother (ft Obinna)

Artist: Glofame
Song Title: Brother (An Open Letter To Gentlemen)
Featured Artist: Obinna

First produced by Lush for ‘Weakness’ by Oxlade, Independent Spoken Word poet and Rapper, Glofame brings a fine and timely message on the mid-tempo Hip-Hop beat reproduced by LittleFinGers for his song ‘Brother’, after releasing his critically acclaimed Spoken Word record, ‘I Can’, to celebrate his birthday in 2019.

He reminds believing gentlemen of their identity in Christ as kings, and as guardians of their families, advising them against rape: “When you find the one, you better treat her like a Queen; and if she says ‘No’, freeze and keep your hands where we can see ’em!”

He encourages them onto diligence and hardwork, to shun the temptation of indulging in illegitimate activities: “Never build your confidence on the Prada/ choose your peace of mind and your happiness, my Brother/ it’s not by power, and it’s never by the cheddar/ it’s only by the grace of God, just like Amanda.”

The song is laced with Truth-inspired messages addressing the many ills besieging society in recent times, and Glofame believes the solution lies in fixing the spirit and mind of the man (men and women) as a creation. And that’s something that can only happen when we understand the design of God for his creation.

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This is a letter to Gentlemen
Let me welcome you to this inaugural therapy
Can I have your attention for a little conversation? This more than a song, but it’s alright if the music moves you. (Yeah!)

This is truth: you were born into a family
Against all odds you are loved verily
Be at peace with your blood, break bread with the Church:
It’s all love and a holy communion.
Learn to hope, be free to dream
Dream to win, and believe you are a King
“Ye are gods”: too powerful is your name
Born to reign- you son of Dominion
Let your joy be rooted in something sure
Let the pain in your heart go up as prayers
Learn to love hard, and never bruise Willis
Stay true, and keep your heart where God’s will is (where God’s will is).

Brother you are strong
You are powerful
You’re a King.

There’s no stopping you
You are wonderful
You’re a King!

Like a plate full- Brother be grateful
Be thankful for the many sacrifices you are blessed with
Knees on the ground: lift others as you rise;
And when I’m dying, may it never be because I see you (ICU).
Be bold: hold your head high like “Hello”
If the heart smells good, pay 100 per scent
And when you find The One, you better treat her like a Queen;
and if she says “No”, freeze and keep your hands where we can see them!
Love is beautiful, she don’t need make-up
If you love her very much, go ahead and speak up
If she feels the same, she’ll be glad to hookup
Now watch out for bumps ahead― seatbelt the hiccups.
Love the Pharisees till Brother Larry sees
And raise your middle your middle child well if you must F* ’em
An eye of an eye doesn’t give you an iPhone,
But if they come for your soul, war in the name of Jesus.

Never build your confidence on the Prada
Choose your peace of mind and your happiness, my brother
It’s not by power, and it’s never by the cheddar:
It’s only by the grace of God just like Amanda.
Raise your little angels in the fear of the Lord;
Steady blessing them as the King and the Priest of the home
Be real, Homie, be righteous, and be relevant;
And may the rising of the Son be for your daughters. (Yeah!)
Pray the grace if you’re not welcomed
If they hated Jesus, they’ll surely despise us
Stomach all the hate until you pack six
I’m saying this to you because none of these move me!
You have a God to serve, a Master to please
And as you give Him attention, He be keeping you at ease
Some people will say that you serve Him in futility,
They see His credibility and are put to tranquillity.



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