Seasoned Producer/Sound Engineer, Songwriter and a Gospel Jazz/Neo-Soul Artiste Gabiz drop a new single “Tru Luv”.

TruLuv is a song, depicting the unending love of God upon our lives. It unveils the real content of the love ff Jesus Christ.

Gabriel Otutoaja is well known by his stage name ‘Gabiz’. He is an anointed and commissioned Minister of the Gospel.

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I’ve Got A Friend I Always Call
I’ve Got Love,He’s More Than Gold
Ohh This Love I Cannot Tell It All

Verse 1
Look At The Things You’ve Made
All For Me
I Say This Is So Sweet
You Feel My Heart And Soul
Make Me Hunger For You More
I Can’t Leave Your Side
I’ll Stay With You Till The End Of Time
Them Think Say My Own Don Kpata
Them Call Me Names Them Find My Mata
But I’ve Got A Friend In Time
Oh My Love

I Got True Love
Back Up (True Love..)
This Love No Dey Fade oo
Always Pick Up When I Call
He Always Got Ma Back In Falls
I Got True Love
Back Up(True Love..)
This Kind Wey No Dey Die oo
Always Pick Up When I Call
He Always Got Ma Back In Falls
This Love Oh,This Kind Thing I Never See Before OoH Oh
This Love Oh,Showered On Me Unconditionally

Verse 2
My God E No Dey Taya
He Always Give Me Fire
He Will Never Leave You
Neither Forsake You Ohh
Many Things God Don Do For Me Oh
I Cannot Tell It All
His Love Na Wire,Higher ohh
Spread The News And Spread The Time
I Got This In My Heart
I Just Want To Say
I Really Really Love You Oh!!
If Mouth full My Body,E No Go Reach To Praise You In The Morning Oh
Papa You Too Much Ohh
I Love You So!! Much

Repeat Chorus

This Love Ohh
Kind Never See Before ehh
Naso Naso