Five Fruits You Should NOT Eat In Public

By Tobiloba

So, the other day i got on the BRT. I was extremely tired and I had this constant ache tugging at my head. Thankfully I did not have to stand for too long on the queue because it wasn’t rush hour just yet so within few minutes I was already stepping into the bus and sat at my favorite spot.

As soon as the bus began to move, I tried closing my eyes seeking a way to get rid of the ache in my head. All to no avail so I sat up, looked straight ahead and there she was.

A light skinned woman wearing a black sleeveless dress with her coloured braids falling just below her neck, chubby looking and probably in her thirties was sat with an orange in her hand.

And that was how it all began. She lifted the already cut orange and opened her mouth wide open, exposing her teeth. Immediately I looked away unable to bare it but unfortunately I was so amazed as to how wide her mouth was open I looked back quickly enough to witness her wide mouth enveloping the orange and sucking out the juice while squeezing the orange.

Honestly it was a gruesome sight. I stared at her totally bewildered and almost in awe. I was so certain I wasn’t the only being watching this woman. But that didn’t stop me from watching the same process again, looking away each time and back again.

One would have expected me to have sought something else to gaze upon but it was just so gross and amazing. The woman had no idea she had almost everyone watching her, infact she seemed to be in her own little orange world.

This experience hence, led to the topic; five fruits you should NOT eat in public. Of course I will start with the fruit called Orange.


The orange is said to be the fruit of the citrus species Citrus × sinensis in the family Rutaceae . It is also known to have diverse nutrients and has no saturated fats or cholesterol. This fruit actually gets its name from its color and  is said to be very rich in vitamins.

As we all know, that the process of eating an orange in public can be quite unattractive and from my experience quite scary too. Yes we would all agree that it is quite a sweet and enjoyable fruit but it is advisable to eat it indoors and have a bowl to put the seeds and to avoid spillage. In other cases, one can try to peel or detach the orange just like how one would eat a tangerine.


This big round green fruit is said to have originated from south Africa and has amazing health benefits. When cut open, one gets to behold its red soft flesh which is said to made up of water and sugar. It is also very rich in vitamins and prevents quite a number of diseases.

While it is being eaten, it can lead to a mess due to its watery state. It is therefore best to eat this fruit in the comfort of your home whereby you can have a plate to cut the melon into small pieces and the water can drip into the plate rather than on the floor or all over your body.



This fruit is said to have originated from Southern Brazil and Paraguay. Pineapples are said to have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. It is also rich in vitamin C. The flesh and juice is is quite popular and used for different purposes all over the world.

Because of the watery nature of the pineapple, it also can lead to a mess while it is being eaten. Each bite would always produce drops of water dripping all over the place, just like the watermelon. So it therefore advised that one eats it with a bowl nearby or cuts them into pieces and eat with a fork.



The mango fruit, varies in colour. Some are yellow in colour while others are green in colour. In few occasions some mangoes are a combination of the two colours. the mango is a very delicious fruit and extremely messy while it is being eaten’

Of all the other fruits, eating a mango in public should be clearly avoided. The nature of the fruit causes it to drip while it is being eaten and may have irritable consequences especially for the people around you. The nature of the fruit is sticky and has a huge percentage of disfiguring one’s face.

Therefore it is best advised to eat a mango fruit indoors and to avoid the mess. One can also use a knife to cut out small pieces depending on the type of mango.


The paw-paw is a specie of Asimina (the pawpaw genus) in the same plant family. It is said to be a native to the East, South and Midwest United States. The pawpaw is high in vitamin C and A. It is low in calories and is also quite a delicious fruit.

Eating a soft pawpaw in public can be very irritating like the mango, one cannot eat it without particles of the fruit staining various parts of the mouth.


So, for the sake of protecting the people around you who will be forced to witness the mess you make while eating these fruits. we advice that you stay clear of these particular fruits in order to create a friendly and safe environment for everyone.

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