Five (5) Gospel Music Stars Who Are Supporting Kim Burrell Amid Celebrity Backlash

Gospel singer Kim Burrell was berated by a myriad of celebrities and LGBT activists last week for preaching on the “perverted homosexual spirit” during a sermon at her church ahead of the New Year. But now, a number of people in the gospel music industry are publicly defending and praying for the minister.

Despite the backlash, Burrell is receiving some support from a number of artists in the gospel music industry, including Tasha Cobbs, Jessica Reedy and William Murphy III.

1. Tasha Page-Lockhart Cries Out for Christians Artists to Support Burrell

“I’m so heartbroken just over everything. The shooting [at] the airport, this whole Kim Burrell situation, how silent the Church has been, how silent some of these gospel music artists are,” she said in between tears. “These legends that we loved and we looked up to all of these years and we respected. Nobody is saying anything, nobody has her back.”
“I’m just at that point where, we’ve been silent long enough. This is what we believe and I’m standing on it.”

2. William Murphy III Is Calling for 1,000 People to Pray for Burrell

Bishop William Murphy III is calling for people to pray for Burrell’s life, ministry and career.

“Father, we’re praying for your daughter, and our sister, Pastor Kim Burrell. We plead The Blood, over her life, over her ministry, and over her career,” he wrote in a lengthly prayer. “And Father, we ask that you would use this season of offense, to expose the strategy of the enemy to keep us divided, and that you would cause what the devil meant for evil, to work for our good. We pray for all who were offended, and for all who felt indifferent, because of what they heard, and we pray that you would bring clarity, and truth, and that our hearts and minds would be open for discussion, even if it doesn’t lead to complete agreement.”

Murphy didn’t stop there. The bishop asked God to lead people to be compassionate toward one another in spite of differing beliefs.

3. Tasha Cobbs Shares Prayer for Burrell With Over 500,000 Followers

Tasha Cobbs has not been extremely vocal about Burrell’s current circumstances, but she did show her support by reposting Murphy’s statement which calls for a week of prayer on for the minister.

Before reposting Murphy’s prayer on her Instagram account, Cobbs shared scriptures, such as 1 John 3: 4–6, which states: “All who indulge in a sinful life are dangerously lawless, for sin is a major disruption of God’s order.”

4. Jessica Reedy Shares Story of Receiving Burrell’s Loving but Firm Advice

Gospel singer Jessica Reedy took to twitter to share a personal account of her experience with Burrell who has given her some firm advice about her personal life in the past.

“She would not only console me, reassure me, but she gave me convicting, straightforward, no nonsense advice about some things I was dealing with personally. It hurt in many spots, but it was true,” she said, thanking Burrell. “I didn’t see it as her judging or showing hatred toward me, but her loving me enough to say what others close to me wouldn’t. She held me accountable.”

5. James Fortune took to his Instagram account to post a video of Burrell singing “Don’t Count Me Out.”

The singer, who said he felt ostracized from his church after he was charged with assaulting his now ex-wife in 2014, said he identified with Burrell.

Last year, Fortune pleaded guilty in a Houston, Texas, courtroom to a third-degree felony charge of assault–family violence. He served five days in jail and was given five years’ probation with 175 hours of community service.

“I know what it feels like to feel as though the whole world is against you and there’s nowhere you can go, not even ‘the church.’

“To be made fun of, to be laughed at, to be lied on and to be counted out,” he said. “Love brought me back. Love doesn’t always mean hearing what you want to hear but more often than not it means hearing what you need to hear.”

“Let’s show that we are truly disciples of Jesus Christ by the love we show to each other. The world is watching,” he wrote. “Remember, this fight is not against flesh and blood. Let’s not fight on social media, let’s fight in the spirit. Let us pray.”

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