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On Sunday, the 30th of October, 2016, history was yet again made as Aimee’s Library hosted the 2016 LIVE Edition of #ABookInHand, tagged “Christian & Unashamed”.  The event, which brought together lovers of Books, Art and Rap Music derived its theme from the club’s Book of the Month – Unashamed, written by Two-Time Grammy Award Winning Rap Artiste, Lecrae.


The book review was put in place to build interactive sessions among attendees and was anchored by award winning rap artistes – Sokleva Hughes of Rooftop MCs, GAMiE, Provabs (Ami) together with Top OAP & Praiseworld Radio CEO, Tola the Spice on the Mic.

Sokleva Hughes [Rooftop MCs]

The book Unashamed gives us an insight into how our personal struggles have the ability to make or break us. Too many times we simply want people to bear good fruits without taking the time and effort to make sure they have the right roots.

There’s a saying that “Hurt(ing) people, Hurt People” so also, “Healed People” should Heal People too…

Lecrae touches on the people he’s surrounded himself with and who he is accountable to. There’s no over emphasizing the role of family – either by blood or by the blood of Christ – in God’s plan for making us all whole. ~ Sokleva speaks on Background Struggles & Building the Right Community.

DJ A’Cube [Vertical Mixx]

The book reviews had more life with Music and Art all over the atmosphere as DJ A’cube churned out skits from Lecrae’s collection and images from Art Domain filled the entire room, captivating our senses.

AMI [Provabs]

Everything up until the 7th Chapter of Unashamed, stated Lecrae’s Challenges, Fears, Doubt, Worries, Shortcomings and more… But transformation begins the moment you decide to take action and do something about the stated Challenges.

Rehab was the climax for me in Unashamed. It showed a man tired of where he was. It showed me a man, having come to His ends wits, deciding to take a counter action instead of sitting and crying of the sickness, he went for a cure.

He took a decision, surrendered himself and started the fight against “The problem” and worked for a solution. It showed brokenness.

I quote “I had always been afraid of being weak as a child, but it’s exactly what I had become, my very fears… But as it turns out, moments of weakness are opportunities for God to show Himself strong in my life. I knew it was time to let go…

And Lecrae did. That is why we have the UNASHAMED story today. ~ AMI bared it all in his Unashamed Story.

The Dream Catchers [Dream Nurture Foundation]

As is the norm at our live book club events, we created time to #MakeAnImpression in the lives of kids, as dancers from Dream Nurture Foundation raised awareness during their dance showcase, and awareness was also raised for the #ClotheAChild Initiative by Wear Grace Clothing, where guests bought their ‘Blessed To Be A Blessing’ t-shirts to support children with autism.


Lecrae Moore bares it all in such a transparent way in the book “Unashamed”, that takes you from a mere reading experience to some kind of relationship experience.

He makes it clear and easy to understand that repentance is not a single event, but a day-to-day process, thereby making you and I appreciate the growing process.

This (The Unashamed book), I believe is the gospel in the realest way.

Another priceless lesson Lecrae shares, in one of the most practical ways one possibly can, is to embrace and own who you are  – no matter how ‘misfit’ you think you are to the society’s standards – celebrate your differences and allow God who placed you in that position use you to influence the world. That, I think is a very good dose of healthy self esteem.

Thinking of how to strike a godly balance in relating with the world without conforming? Lecrae shares all about that and how much of a tool it is for evangelism. ~ TOLA speaks on the fight for recognition & accolades.

Rapsodee Da Boomsha

The Rap Freestyle was dope and a great wrap up to the show as everyone gathered afterwards to toast to a successful event and hope for more years to come.


Unashamed exposes us to “Christianism” which seeks the use of Christianity to accomplish an agenda that might not necessarily be Christian (preaching the gospel) and it’s political in nature. You either stick to Christianity as a religion which is powered by law – cooperate (Do’s and Don’t) or Christianity as a relationship – personal in nature. Powered by Grace, here we see our faith being complimented by our works.

We also see how the evolving culture, a culture with many names and titles – ever vibrant, full of energy and quick to become a home for many youths. Loved by many, hated by many, aggressive, attractive, loud, and addictive – affects us. However, this culture has gained much attention. Its aggressive nature in many ways have helped maintain its current status in mainstream media. From music to fashion, art, and the highly competitive lifestyle, Hip-hop has proved its ability to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Just like many other urban subcultures, Hip hop has been used as a medium by many to promote violence, drug abuse, nudity, premarital sex, lawlessness and rebellion.
All of these, having a negative effect on the society. On the other hand, it has also proved to be a strong tool of influence, and a change agent.

Unlike many who only see the bad side of Hip hop there are those who have been able to channel Hip hop in a positive direction. Engaging their audience with inspirational content that promotes education, morals, self development e.t.c

While for some, it’s all about the art, positive or negative, it really doesn’t matter, so it’s left for the audience to select whichever appeals to them.

We choose positivity! ~ GAMiE speaks on “Christianism” and The Gospel/Christian Culture.

Aimee’s Kids Club

Aimee’s Kids were not left out, as they were engaged in a “Readathon”deeply engulfed in as many books as possible.

Special shout out to everyone who made the day!

Check out book review excerpts via @aimees_library on Instagram.


Music – DJ A’Cube [@acubeNG]

Compere – TOLA [@spiceonthemic]

Videography – El-Vision [@ElBidiaque]

Venue – Rhema Chapel, Ketu [@RhemaKetu]

Graphics – Aydels Digitals [@AydelsDigitals]

Catering – Aimee’s Kitchen [@AimeesLibrary]

Media – Praiseworld Radio [@PRAISEWORLD_]

Cakes – GlowryCakes by Dearbie [IG – @glowrycakes]

Photography – Eucane Photography [@Eucane_Storm]

Interior – Art Domain [facebook.com/godfrey.afebuame]

Books – Aimees Library [@AimeesLibrary| Laterna Books [@LaternaBooks]

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