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L: Priscilla, R: Tosinger. She's such an easy person to chat with

L: Priscilla, R: Tosinger. She’s such an easy person to chat with.

Welcome to Priscilla’s Place.

Okay, last summer I visited Georgia and I met three wonderful women amongst others who are artistes and making waves in the USA. Tosinger  my first guest whose kind of music is unique was gracious to host me in her lovely home- musically and artistically decorated, apologies,  forgot to take photos of the house.. lol** Once you step into the house, two things immediately jumps at you- ART and MUSIC!

Tosinger, Segun Obe & Priscilla at the New Nig after event by FECA Network in Georgia. Oct 2014

Tosinger, Segun Obe & Priscilla at the New Nig after event by FECA Network in Georgia. Oct 2014


Chatting with the Fabulous Tosinger

Chatting with the Fabulous Tosinger



TOSINGER  is an Atlanta based Nigerian Singer/Songwriter, TOSINGER, comes with an earthy musical flow that is as native and ethnic as it is; a sheer loveliness of heavenly inspiration. An Afro-eclectic woman of the arts with a warm personality and matchless passion, her lyrical messages are usually inspirational, traditional yet contemporary vibes.

Her vocal essence & sound has been described as soulful and soothing. She draws her musical influences from her Yoruba background and from Folk, Jazz, Gospel and Soul genres of music. You can read more about TOSINGER at

Listen to “ILE” by Tosinger as you read through!!!! {Interpretation: No Place Like Home}


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TOSINGER @Tosinger


Priscilla-Congratulations on your latest Debut Album, how do you feel about that?

Tosinger: Thanks a lot. I feel great and excited.

Priscilla- You use the word “organically” for your music a lot, can you explain the whole essence?

Tosinger: I use that term because I aim to create music that is natural, root music, simple, different, good for the spirit and soul.

Organic music definition: Music that deals with natural, percussion, acoustic based instruments. Musicians involved in organic music resonate positive vibes in their music

Priscilla-What is that unique thing about you that you think sets you apart? I am also curious about  your natural hair as this is a well known brand  of yours? Is this style intended for your music  brand or just personal reasons?

Tosinger: I think the unique thing that sets me apart is a God given aura. An artsy eclectic brand. My natural hair is by personal choice and just happens to fit my image and music also. No deliberate intentions at all (laughs)


View of Tosinger's Glorious Organic Hair.

View of Tosinger’s Glorious Organic Hair.

Priscilla- Please tell me the inspiration for your kind of music and your album- “Organically Singing”

Tosinger: I get my inspiration from God, from life, experiences, people, nature, the African continent and traditional Yoruba folk music I was exposed to as a child and later in life, various genres of music.

The music on the upcoming album will be organically focused (thus the title ‘Organically Singing’) a collection of original songs of soulful afro genres, yoruba folk, ambient sounds, inspirational messages, fun vibes and interpretations of the world sounds we love.


The album will have a grouping of songs with the themes  – “Of God (Faith), Of Life (Fate& Fun), Of One Another (Friends & Family), Of Africa (Future)”. Join me on this journey to put this fresh and organic album out into your hands and into the world to soothe and uplift souls amidst all the processed chaos and evils of this age.

My music is soothing and inspirational, sometimes playful and feel good, and that’s what the world should expect from “Organically Singing”. I am currently crowdfunding for the project due to be released Summer/Fall 2015.

I would appreciate Readers and Praiseworld Radio’s support, contribution and share at this link

Priscilla: I like asking this question- What do you think are the challenges of Nigerian gospel artistes abroad and how can they rise above the situation?  You’ve been in the US for 12 years right?

Tosinger Oz (1)

Tosinger: Yes 12 years. In my opinion, I think Nigerian Gospel artistes, both home and abroad, ( with music as their career as well as it is their ministry/calling,) have financial, business knowledge, church perception and marketing challenges (Romans 10:14}

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?) 

Priscilla: Okay talking about art and music, how are you able to combine both? Which one comes first for you?

Tosinger: Everything is connected, just like the chicken and the egg. (both laughing}

Priscilla: Thanks a lot for hosting me in your beautiful home..

Tosinger: You are very welcome. Thanks for the interview


Organic Tosinger

Organic Tosinger

Priscilla – Do me a favour people, kindly visit this link >>>>> and support Tosinger in this lovely project. God bless you. See you soon.


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