Jimi Tewe: Everyone Gets Mad. What Happens When You Do? | @JimiTewe

_dsc8305Praiseworld Radio’s breakfast show The Praise O’clock Show on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 played host to life coach, Pastor Jimi Tewe. Amongst various issues he tackled during his session, he talked about relationships and how to handle them.

Citing a post he earlier shared on instagram about him losing his iPhone due to a low quality charger he bought in traffic, he advised, ‘In making marriage choices, we should never compromise our standards, as it is imperative for one to have shared values and beliefs with your spouse.

He also stressed the God factor in marriage and relationships, and how it is mandatory to have a friend in your partner.

Speaking to single men, he stated, ‘Some men lack accountability, it makes them bask in their ego and self-pride sets in. When you get mad (which you definitely will at one point or the other), who calls you to order and makes you accountable for things you do? Every man should have such a person in his life.

He also stated that “Most men are scared of commitment and want a wife as an acquisition forgetting that he who finds a wife obtains favour’. There is favour and blessing that comes with finding a wife, even before getting married to her. ‘The person that was meant for you will go through things with you.’

Responding to a question by Ojay, a co-host of the show about how to handle sexual pressures with one’s spouse, considering the constantly busy world that we live in, Pastor J emphasized on the need to spend quality time, taking note of things that might be stressing your partner, and building a system to ease off the stress. He believes this will go a long way in addressing that.

And finally a challenge to you, let’s quote Pastor Jimi here,“There are no perfect men but there are good men that can get better”.

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