Gospel artiste Esther Kemka drops a new single titled “Thank You”.

The song is an expression of our gratitude to God for His love, mercy and grace. It was written and sang by Esther Kemka and Benonwhyte.

Esther Kemka is a multi-talented and dynamic individual who serves God and humanity with her gifts and talents. She is a recording artiste, author and entrepreneur.

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When I look around me, I see Your grace and Mercy surround me
What you’ve done for me, my mouth, cannot tell it all
If not for Your love, I Don’t know where I Will be
But I’m standing here today, to express my gratitude

Thank You Lord for everything You have done
Thank You Lord for everything You have done

If I begin to count my blessings, numbers will fail me, can’t count it all
I was lost, You found me, gave me hope, gave my life a meaning
If not for Your grace, I don’t know where I Will be
All I want to do is thank You Lord for everything that you have done for me

You’ve been good, You’ve been good,
Through sunshine and rain. Every season I face
You held me through it all
Never would have made ooo

Thank You Lord