Erica Campbell’s Daughter wins the 24th ‘Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant’


Erica Campbell’s Daughter Wins Pageant

Krista Campbell, American Gospel music songstress Erica Campbell won the 24th ‘Little Miss African American Pageant.’

The event was reported to be a grand affair held recently at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre.

The Little Miss African Pageant (LMAA) is first and foremost an educational program cleverly disguised in a pageant format.

The mission is dedicated to the intellectual success of your African American girls.

According to the founder, Lisa Ruffin, an actress, it is a mode of bringing potential to the forefront.

“Within each girl, is the promise of unlimited possibilities, and the pageant is a vehicle for bringing that potential to the forefront.” 

For the past 24 years, dozens of girls between the ages of 6-12 years old have participated in this program.

Hundreds of scholarships have been awarded, and lasting memories have been created for these young Academic and intellectual princess.

While some of them come from strong supportive families, the majority of them come from under-served, single family homes.

It provides an early introduction to the arts and training in public speaking, while promoting individual creativity and stimulating a heightened cultural understanding.

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