Prince Oscar – Ebubedike Praise

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Prince Oscar known for his “Afrocentric Gospel” music style has released a new song titled “Ebubedike Praise”.

I will never give up on God no matter how hard the world may look like, the unchangeable changer of the universe is my guide, says Oscar



Oscar Okafor also known as prince Oscar is a multi-talented young man who have touched different lives with his gift, he was born in Lagos Nigeria, based in South Africa. He started playing music as a drummer at the age of 7 in his local church called “bible believers mission” he knew that he is called to change lives spiritually and physically. At the age of 10 he was the best in his local community.

Oscar is a drummer, songwriter, composer, music teacher, multi-instrumentalist and singer. He became passionate to grow professionally in his gift also had great teacher who thought him how to be a better professional musician. He went further to study in a music school called “freestyle music academy” founded by Raymond jehovy.

His parents originated from Owerri Imo state, his mother encouraged him to the end and told him to never give up to his dreams.

Prince Oscar has traveled round the world with his gift and  has played and shared the stage with great people like Tu face, Bongos ikwue, kirk franklin, Detrick Haddon, Lara George, Sammie Okposo, Lionel Peterson, Judith Sephuima, Sandile Cele, MI known as (Mr. incredible) Gozie okeke, Micah Stampley and many more.

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