MUSIC: Dami Oluwatoyinbo – Rain (feat. Toju Oluwatoyinbo)

Artist: Dami Oluwatoyinbo
Song Title: Rain (feat Toju Oluwatoyinbo)

This beautiful song makes a bold declaration of faith as it announces a heavy downpour. Its catchy tune, striking beats, simple lyrics and cinematic vibe creatively deliver this powerful message- showers of blessing are indeed pouring, no matter the dryness and discouragement that may have prevailed in many parts of the world.

Written in a poetic and rhythmic style by Dami Oluwatoyinbo the lead vocal, featuring his wife, the eloquent and articulate Toju Oluwatoyinbo and produced by the masterful Wole Adesanya, it’s a joy to listen to.

This is a song you want to put on repeat so you can sing, step, chant and dance along to its addictive rhythm till faith rises in your heart and miracles of increase flow ceaselessly through your life.

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