OPEN LETTER: Creo Pitää Shares Reasons for His Name Change from Chee-Z | @CreoPitaa

creo pitaaThe artiste most people know as Chee-Z a few weeks back came on social media to announce unofficially that he would no longer be releasing music or any artistic materials under that name anymore, saying he now goes by the name Creo Pitää.

A lot of questions were asked and eye brows raised which fast turned into a norm especially when seeing the name for the first time. Due to this, he (Creo Pitää) decided to make an official announcement on Friday 24th June, 2016.

The announcement which took place on his social media pages simultaneously also saw the release of an open letter/ statement on reasons for the name change.
After reading this, I believe everyone will finally be able to move on from the emotional attachments they had with the previous identity.

He said;

“This is probably the most important part to most people, since most of you are reading this because you want to see the question answered. Well, it’s simple for me.

First of all, I believe I have seen more… I have become a better man than I was some couple of months ago. In this light, I figured that names are important. They should be a reflexion of who you are, what you represent and not necessarily who you want to be. This is why I even conceived the thought in the first place.
“Creo” (pronounced as Kreo) means “Create”, and “Pitää” (pronounced as Pit|a:|) means “Love”; Create Love. These are in two different non English languages. That’s the meaning of the new name.

I chose this of all names because having put out music professionally for just over a year, I feel I have seen a lot. I am learning fast, and if there’s one observation I have made which has stuck to me, it is that real fans aren’t easy to come bye. What most artistes do is, break into the fan base of fellow artistes and try to win dedicated listeners. But that isn’t who I am. I’m trying to create from scratch my own legion of dedicated fans, listeners, back bone, family, and most of all lovers.

Love is the infinite. God is love and Love is God. Love is peace, and with love nothing can go wrong. With love we wouldn’t have to beg for anything.
But, I don’t have love so I’m trying to create one.

I say a lot of personal things in my music, so finding people who actually listen to these experiences and still love my music gives that ethereal feeling.

I hope to expand my reach and horizon from this point on, to cover a larger audience with your help. I can’t do it alone. And Lord willing, His name will be glorified. No matter the stages and platforms I get on from here, I will never forget my faith, my foundation fans (more like family) and everyone who will contribute to my passion. All the bloggers who love and support my music I also appreciate you.

Music for me  is life. If you know me you should know that I am very quiet (and shy *wink*), so  music is an outlet and medium for expressing myself, telling my stories which are relatable and preaching my faith.
I hope I have moved forward in vocals, lyrics and grace too.

Not many have accepted my new stage name but I hope with this short message, enough has been said to give this a try. I will always appreciate you no matter your stand, but showing “Creo Pitää” love will mean a lot.

Nothing done in a rush lasts forever. “Creo Pitää”; that’s who I am and what I represent. This is me taking up a form of optimum self expression.

– Creo Pitää”

Twitter: @CreoPitaa

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