‘Christian Sisters’ dating Married Men? Nathaniel Bassey has an Advice for You ~ @nathanielblow

Nigerian Gospel Music artiste, Nathaniel Bassey today shared a piece of advice to “Christian single Sisters.”

The singer popularly known for creating the #OneHourHalleluyaChallenge took to Instagram to plead with ladies who date married men, advicing them to put an end to it.

Pastor Bassey went ahead to warn them, revealing that if they refuse to stop, they are sowing dangerous seeds into their lives.

“Today looks like a day to sound out some hard truth. And beloved, only the Truth sets free.

To my wonderful Christian sisters. The number of stories I get to hear, via emails etc, about sisters, supposedly saved and in church but dating married men is quite alarming.

Please if you have not heard this truth, may I have the privilege of sharing it with you.

Please stop it !!!!! You are sowing dangerous seeds for your own life, marriage and destiny. Never hide under grace to perpetuate such evil o. It only shows a lack of understanding of grace. 

Ask yourself, “In your own marriage, would you want such to happen ?”

As a Christian, you are God’s daughter. A princess. You shouldn’t be someone’s toy. And instrument in the hands of the enemy.

No matter how long you have waited for your own husband to come, never settle for someone else’s concubine. You are worth way more than that.

If there’s a married man who keeps disturbing you, declare your stance to him. And if he insists, expose him.

Remember this is your life! Don’t allow someone else LUST cause you some colossal LOSS. Don’t sow fire and brimstone into your future home.

By the special grace of God, You shall not miss it in Jesus’ name. You will get married to God’s son for you.

Don’t trade it for any sort of pleasure or fleeting benefit. Lust only leaves its host empty, dry and LOST. 

God bless you dear.
May God’s grace keep us all.
#Noapologies ? “

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