Christian Hip Hop Legend DJ Official Passes Away at 39

dj-officialChristian Hip Hop pioneer and Grammy award-winning producer DJ Official has passed away after undergoing a double lung transplant. He was 39.

The American Christian hip hop musician was a member of the Christian hip hop collective, 116 Clique.

Official, real name Nelson J. Chu, deejayed for Christian Hip Hop star Lecrae until his failing health forced him to retire in 2014.

dj-official-bIn 2010, an ongoing sinus infection revealed Official had a rare form of bone marrow cancer that was attacking his kidneys. He also suffered from emphysema, which diminished his lung function to 13 percent.

On July 30, Official underwent a double lung transplant and was in critical condition following the surgery

Unfortunately, Official transitioned almost two weeks later.

Lecrae took to Twitter to remember his dear friend.

When they criticized me @djofficialdj stood up for me. He got in arguments defending me.

For years @djofficialdj walked with me thru all the storms negativity and gossip.
When I wanted to complain @djofficialdj put it in perspective cause he battled so much and fought so hard.

When I was starting off having an @djofficialdj beat was the greatest thing I could imagine.

If he wanted to @djofficialdj could’ve released 10000000 albums on @reachrecords he had one planned

I don’t really know what to say but honor my dude. He’s a real one. I miss you Fish. @djofficialdj

You mean the world to us and We’ll make sure folks knows how much you mean to the movement so be it. @djofficialdj #116ForLife

I know you deejaying on the other side. See you soon.









With all DJ Official endured with his failing health he never lost his faith.

I wouldn’t trade what happened to my life for nothing. It made me…me. GOD has done some amazing things thru it. I trust GOD more than ever.


Rest in paradise, Official!


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