Christian Facebook Page Threaten Followers Who Post LGBT Rainbow Pride Emojis

A Christian Facebook page “Warriors For Christ” announced to all their followers stating that if they posted a rainbow pride emoji, they would be banned. Unfortunately for them, the announcement led to thousands trooping unto their page to post the rainbow emoji and is now fully colored with rainbows

The Christian Facebook page stated during the week:


Sadly, the post backfired and the ended up with rainbow emojis pasted all over their page from both Christians, non-Christians, and basically everyone.

Their Facebook page has been decorated with rainbow emojis, rainbow memes, and pictures of rainbows.

The admin of the page made an attempt to respond stating:

“Jesus Loves You!”

Finally they made a ‘public service announcement’ in order to let their followers know where they stand with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Rainbow Pride Month.

Despite all the lies and false accusations, here we are not being hateful to any person. We also will not back down from proclaiming the truth of God’s word.

Sin is sin period. Sin results in eternal separation from God. Despite your lack of understanding of love, we here, love everyone enough to speak the truth even in the face of so much hate.

So we speak the truth that sin leads to death, but we have a savior that can set one free from sin and give them a new life in Christ.

Till date the LGBT community and supporters refuse to back down and keep storming their page with rainbows .

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