‘Our Children Look To Us As Their Point Of Reference And It Shapes Who They Become’ ~ Cora Jakes Coleman

Cora Jakes Coleman, daughter of TD Jakes shares thoughts on parents and their kids. She coined the idea “Parents represent yourself in a way you would want your kids to represent themselves.”

Mrs Jakes who was recently ordained as a pastor alongside her husband revealed how she was brought up by her parents.

She went on to explain that children will always look up to their parents on how to handle the basics of life from finances, humility, to how to love and how to show love.

“My parents have always been intentional about what they exposed to us as children, and even now as adults.

As a little girl I thought it was just for us to be able to see our possibilities, but when I became a parent I realized that wasn’t the only reason.

The Executive Director of Destiny House Children’s Ministry of The Potters House of Dallas disclosed that her children will always look to her as a reference point and it will shape who they will become.

The mother of 2 who is passionate about living a life of purpose and fertility revealed that when she came to this realization she had to change from her childish ways.

“Our children look to us for their point of reference for what healthy relationships look like, how to handle finances, what does strong leadership look like.

What does humility look like, how to love and show love, how to strengthen their faith, and what their purpose is, and so much more they look to us for what that looks like.

When I realized one day my children will look to me as their point of reference, and it will ultimately then shape what and who they become I started changing my childish ways.”

Cora concluded by stating that after changing from her childish ways, she began to make necessary changes to her life.

She explained further that she began to imbibe characters and attitudes that she wanted to see in her children.

They are watching you” she added and urged parents to present themselves in the way they want their kids to imitate them.

“I began to start representing in me what I would want to see later in my children.

I didn’t say it was fun, but in order for your children to become something of great strength and great integrity.

They are watching you and looking at everything you expose them to so present yourself according to the standard you want your children to imitate.

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