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Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Priscilla’s Place is one (1) today!!!! Whoop! Whoop! I never thought I would accomplish that much within one year. All thanks to God.. Big Shout out to my Boss Olutola Omoniyi aka @Spiceonthemic and the honourable first lady – Mabel Omoniyi aka Spicy, the entire Praiseworld Crew & OAPS; @AWHYOFGOD (OAP) | @AcubeNG(OAP) | @Emrysmilla202 (Blogger) aka Aimie’s Diary, | @NikkiLaoye (OAP) | @ROEyiyemi(OAP) | Kishi (Blogger) | @Adorable_Oma (Blogger) | DMO (OAP ) |@Adesewa06(OAP) |Olabisi (OAP) | Ope (Blogger) | @Gamemanmusic (OAP) | @Provabs(OAP)–

These guys are simply awesome and brilliant, talented and resourceful. we love, we talk, we disagree to agree, I just love them all.


Praiseworld Family #Girl Power

Initially, I approached a popular Media in Nigeria from Canada. My aim was to write about Nigerians lifestyle in Canada, I was rejected! The other magazine said they already have a Contact in Canada. I was discouraged and kind of pulled back a bit.

Then one day, I saw a friend’s (Tofunmi-My HallMate at the University) BBM’s Personal Message referring people to listen to Praiseworld Radio and the CEO who happens to be her brother.

So I chatted her up and she put in a word for me to her brother- Olutola Omoniyi who I knew from a distance back in the university.

He took a great risk by giving me a chance without any experience or formal training, he mentored and encouraged me, gave me the freedom and platform to express, and I have never looked back since then.

I cannot talk about the history of Priscilla’s Place without mentioning Tofunmi and Tola! God used them for me. Thanks to Yvonne May as well- an OAP/Singer/Songwriter in Dexterity Radio-South Africa‎ also a great gospel singer, who encouraged and supported me. Ended up as my first guest @Priscilla’s Place

It has been fun and I’ve gotten so many feedback from readers who always look forward to reading my blog.

As I continued, the vision and mission started expanding because the Inspiration kept coming in different shades, styles and forms.

Hence, Priscilla’s Place is a platform to showcase talents, discuss issues happening in the gospel music world, exclusive interviews, behind the scene process, special editions, giveaways and all sorts, inspirational, gospel.

In all, it’s my way of reaching out to people in different ways. Sometimes, a particular writeup appeal to a set of people, sometimes it’s general.

People now expect anything from me and just enjoy the flow. I’ve had people send me private messages to appreciate this blog


One of the interviews I enjoyed was Michelle Williams and Kim Burrell. Kim has a great management team that are so professional and supportive. Michelle Williams took the time to respond directly to me and also suggested interviewing her producer Harmony Samuels for Say yes- We still trade mails ocasionally even through her tight schedule and I would love to send a big shouout to Kim Burrell’s Executive Assistant – Michelle who calls me to chat me up- these are great relationships I cherish that stems out of Priscilla’s Place  These kind of guests are my favourites they just make my job easy and smooth!

I also remember going to Pastor William Murphy’s Church where Tasha Cobbs attends in Atlanta hoping to schedule an interview time. But she was so busy. She was seating not too far from me. I could not see her one on one- why? She was busy serving. I was surprised and I learnt something. She is a celebrity but still serves in her local church. She was handling a guest minister’s welfare! Such Humility. Her assistant spoke to me and since then I’ve grown to respect her more and I hope to interview her soon! Winks!

Some Guests are always on point for a smooth interview, Some, I had to reach out to via social media! some are just available for you at any time, some totally ignore and for some, you get a simple straight NO!! In all, they’ve all been awesome and Priscilla’s Place keeps getting stronger and moving forward – Like I always say, when one door shuts, another or multiple opens..



It’s not easy writing sometimes, when you a wife, mum, singer and have a secular job ‎as well.

I create time from no time to keep up. Sometimes, readers get impatient when my write ups are not regular‎!

Another challenge is reaching out to guests to be featured especially when they are celebrities and a public figure, in such cases, they tell you to reschedule or ask you to wait forever to get a response as a result of their busy schedule. I remember my interview with Lecrae. Lecrae is so busy that am yet to get my response. But understanding and patience is the key.

Lenny LeBlanc wit Priscilla of Praiseworld Radio

Lenny LeBlanc with Priscilla in Edmonton.

I’m sorry to say, but It’s sometimes easier to reachout to an American or an International Celebrity than a Nigerian which could be frustrating sometimes. But Priscilla’s Place got to move on‎!

Don Moen with Priscilla of Praiseworld Radio

Don Moen with Priscilla

Another Challenge is getting through to a particular guest as a result of protocols or inefficient management. In other words, if the Publicist does not like you, the guest in person might not even meet you or hear what you have to say!

All these challenges are making me stronger, more determined and motivated. If one door closes, another opens.

I’ve had some highs and lows. Thanks be to God.



This same year, Priscilla’s Place also expanded to another Radio Station: Kabiesi Radio based in Moscow, Ireland and Nigeria via

Interviewed almost 40 guests from the UK, USA, South Africa, Nigeria and Canada

All Thanks be to God!!!!

Hey, Blogging is an hobby as well as a means of reaching out positively to people but Singing is my life, As I celebrate the Ist Anniversary of Priscilla’s Place, am also celebrating my first single release ever- More than A Song available on all Online Platform and definitely on Praiseworld Radio

I am more of a stage singer and I’ve been running away from doing an album or single. But I guess I can’t run forever. Honestly, the shock from stage to studio singing was …. you dont wanna know Lol! It was a struggle to be sincere, but with God’s help and my producer, Okey Sokay of Orangeville Production International ( Canada loves your style) who was wonderfully patient- we did it. I want to send a sweet shoutout to my friend, gospel singer/rapper  Limoblaze of No Regret who came all the way from the north to assist and support in writing this song- Thanks a lot.

My First single (More Than A Song) a soft pop style is totally dedicated to God for saving me. It’s a simple straightforward soft pop song exclusively to God alone and for people to just give God the glory for me and thank God for  their lives as well.

The single will be out  on the 18th of April;

Will be releasing others as time goes on.

Back to the coolest blog, please visit the blog section (Priscilla’s Place) on this website and catch up with whatever you missed. Enjoy them all

Right now, I am working on an interesting series, which I hope to pull off–I trust you will enjoy it– Series on some particular set of People and their experiences- I bet you can’t even guess where am going with this as well as the awesome guests am bringing. There’s only one way to find out– Stay tuned.. Make sure you’re following on social media to stay updated! Thanks to all my guests.. Y’all Rock!!

For me, singing and blogging makes my day. I’m comfortable blogging now. Thank God for the connections and network Priscilla’s Place gave me.

Its a new day, a new year, a new season….. God bless.

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