Carman Licciardello, an Evangelist and recording artiste popularly known as Carman who was last three years diagnosed with terrible multiple myeloma cancer seems to be feeling better for the first time in the three years cancer. He shared via his Facebook page on Friday, February 7 of the details, stating that God has been his “Plan-A”, and he is living for him – No Plan-B.


GREAT NEWS ABOUT A GREAT GOD: Greetings from the other side of the Valley : ) Well things are progressing unexpectedly well. I met with my Doctor on Tuesday for a routine check up and heard some great news.

The last dose of Chemo (Melpholine) on Jan 16 was pretty brutal but within 10 days I was recovering much faster that I expected. The pneumonia virus I caught was intercepted by the nurses and doctors at the hospital and shut down before is could develop. Thank you JESUS.

The doctor told me that he doubled the Stem cells given me the day after the jam 16 Melpholine from 4 to 5 million to 8 to 10 million. So when I came back, I came back strong. An extreme low to and unexpected high. They took tests (and there will be more) P.E.T., MRI, Bone biopsies ect and could find NO trace of Cancer. That’s amazing.

We’re talking about drilling into your bone to search for a cancer cell and coming up empty. And I can feel the difference too. My red blood count is climbing daily and so my cardio is steadily coming back to normal. I’ve actually got back on the treadmill and could breathe – I was so excited I did 3 miles walking uphill and jogging.

I felt normal for the first time in 3 years.

I felt normal for the first time in 3 years. The great news is that I’m doing so well that they are cutting my treatments short by 6 weeks. So I’ll be going home earlier than expected. I might even have a bit of hair to start the tour with. I only said a bit, lol.

I want to start posting news about the tour and the record and other good things but I needed to get this bit of news out first. You all have been the best friends, brothers sisters and prayer warriors I could ever hope for in this life. I want to thank you again.

I’m livin for The Lord and there’s “No Plan-B” Can I get an Amen ?!?

Finally, to quote the lyrics to the title song on my new CD “The roads been a long one, It’s always been a fight, but God had my back, deep into the night. He’s been my “Plan-A”, now everyone can see, I’m livin for The Lord and there’s “No Plan-B” Can I get an Amen ?!?