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The first time I came across Jackie Kendall’s book; ‘A Man Worth Waiting for’ subtitled “How to avoid a bozo”, I practically laughed. I found the subtitle title rather amusing. This made me put the book I was reading aside and move this book (which was not even on my reading queue) to the top.

My only free time then was in the bus, every morning with the so predictable traffic (God Bless Nigeria) I would read this book until I finished it. I picked so much from this book that I thought it selfish not to share. Well, share enough to make you get the book or at least keep you informed. It’s a perfect book for singles and it’s quite useful for married couples.


So this post is going to be more like a summarized summary of the 219 page book. So here we go:

The book is a modern illustration of the ancient love story of Ruth & Boaz (Read the book of Ruth 1-4). In one sentence, the book narrates to ladies the qualities of a good man and why he’s worth waiting for.

Who is a Bozo?

For the first time I realized Bozo is actually a dictionary word. In this context, a bozo is a guy whose outward appearance is a façade. It is hard to discern who he really is because of the makeup and costume he wears. What he appears to be physically, socially and even spiritually is just a performance.

Who then is a Boaz?

On the other hand, a Boaz just like Boaz in the Bible is a man of character, integrity, wisdom and humility. He is what Jackie (the author) calls a Man Worth Waiting For (MWWF). He’s got all it takes to please God’s heart and a Ruth will be forever happy to be married to him.

If the greatest Christian single man who ever lived (Apostle Paul) should make a list of top characteristics that an ideal godly man should embody it would be:

  1. Above reproach
  2. Self-Controlled
  3. Wise
  4. Respectable
  5. Hospitable
  6. Able to teach
  7. Not Addicted to wine
  8. Not harsh or abrupt
  9. Gentle
  10. Not quarrelsome
  11. Free from the love of money
  12. A good manger of his own household
  13. Not a new convert
  14. A man with a good reputation among those who don’t know Jesus.


How do I know? Check out 1 Timothy 3:2-7. Actually, a list like this may make you wonder if a Boaz really exists. I mean living in ‘A Good Man is hard to Find” kind of century, can one find enough Boaz for all the Ruth’s? ‘Trust me Boaz’s are out there, they exist and are not limited in number. You just have to know how to wait patiently enough to identify them, says Jackie (author and international relationship coach for over a decade).


Apparently there has to be a Part II to this post because there’s so much to share. So I’ll leave you with this closing tip.


One day Jackie’s daughter was wondering how she would know which guy was the best for her. Her mum’s response was, God’s best for you would always compliment the direction God wanted (has been instructing) you to go. In other words, he will have goals similar to yours.

This is something God has personally thought me over the years. Marriage is like running a race. Initially, a hardworking lady and guy run their races separately and individually. Along the race they find their God given purpose and when the time comes, the guy who has developed himself to be a Boaz, will have his race channeled by God, towards Ruth’s race.

As they meet on the track, Ruth still running, finds herself running side by side with Boaz. With their destinies complimenting each other they run the race together and can overcome any hurdle that comes their way. Note that Ruth didn’t stop running or change direction when she meet Boaz or vice versa because their directions complemented each other. A Bozo will make one change direction and abort God’s plans for one’s life.

Part II of this post will highlight the acts of a Bozo versus that of a Boaz. For ladies, it will help us avoid falling into the hands of a bozo and for guys it will let you know areas you need to work on and reassure you you’re on course if you’re a ten over ten (a Boaz). I still think you should get the book though.

So the question is…

Ladies: Who would you date or are you dating, A Bozo or a Boaz?

Men: Who are you, A Bozo or a Boaz?


We would love to have you comments.

Talk to you soon… God Bless you!



Oluwatosin Ade-Ajayi

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