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I have always wondered what my wedding day would look like. I’m certain that it would be one of those amazing and best days of my life. I know for certain that my bride would be beautiful. One of those rare gem that would shine brighter than every other bride and married lady in the world. She’ll be a daughter of God, deeply drenched in God’s affairs with matching character that would draw people to Christ. She’ll be a mother of my two children (Twins hopefully). And I have their first names already; Tyler and Tyra. Two beautiful children to continue the Aret-Adams legacy. Children who solely rely on God, his Grace as their cushion and his immense love for mankind.

I know I’ll dance like I created the word Dance. I’ll hold my bride like an oxygen mask. I’ll cling to the sweet assurances of God’s words in her voice as we sway to the music. I’ll smile. I’ll shed few tears amidst the smiles. (Hey, I’m not a wuss, there’s just this thing about love and first dances at weddings). I’ll see the next fifty years of our lives together mirrored in her eyes. I imagine my mother will be busy and seeing to the welfare of her guests (and no, moin-moin will not be served!). I imagine it will be one of her happiest days too. She’s already asking me about my marriage plans (And I keep giving her the looks).

Six months after my status result and my near accident, I’m yet to come to terms with whatever the nurse said that evening. I haven’t gone for another test (As advised by one of the nurses) or visit my doctor to know what steps to take concerning this new upturning development. Few days ago, Jamal (who, after Mae, is my closest buddy in the Clan) asked me when I’d go for another test to know if I’ll start using the prescribed drugs for HIV patients or just continue my healthy diet. I told him I didn’t know. I’m too scared and worried to go to a hospital.

Its 7.30pm and I am painfully hungry. The guys are still bickering about who should prepare the meal.  At the moment, I care less. I’m sitting outside the compound and thinking… I seem to think a lot these days well aside from reading and attending church. I don’t participate in church activities anymore. I rarely go for choir rehearsals and even when I go, I don’t minister with them anymore. I am struggling… really struggling to find my way back to God. It’s not like He doesn’t see my pain or confusion. It’s not like He doesn’t know. He’s well aware but I am failing to trust him like He wants. I have withdrawn from him. And even in my hearts of hearts, I know I’m the one losing.


Since I can’t stand this hunger anymore I have decided to go get some Epa (groundnut), milk and sugar. There’s garri in Mae’s room so I’ll just gulp that.

I’m walking down to a shop not far from my house and I see someone that looks like Naya. Hmm Naya… the beautiful lady that made me speechless for the first time in my life.
I can’t help but think of those beautiful eyes. Here’s what happened when the car came speeding down like the monster in that game… errm what’s the name again o… Ehen! Temple run.

… Two soft strong hands pull me away from the road just as the car screeched to a halt. The man behind the wheel looked at ,me with pure disdain, muttered incoherently in a language I couldn’t understand and zoomed off. I was visibly shaking from the near death or whatever experience. I looked at my “saviour” and stared into the most beautiful eyeballs ever. For someone who was almost hit by a car some minutes ago, my mood changed from fear to breathlessly speechless.

“Are you alright Mister?” came a very porcelain voice like that of an Angel. If I’ve heard an Angel speak, I’m sure hers is more than an Angels’.

I couldn’t answer. Simply because I’m too stunned by the beauty that is in front of me. It was like cupid used my heart as his dart-board. She decided to smack the back of my head with her phone pouch as if to awaken me from my hypnosis. It worked. Only then did I look around to see different curious eyes, some concerned, others hissing and moving on and saying things along the lines of “All these students… They’ll just be misbehaving anyhow”.

“I’m sorry. I.. I’m .. Sorry, what happened?”

She looked at me like I was high on something “Duurh?! You were almost hit by a car.” Then she cocked her head sideways and looked at me with new and keen observation “What is wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing, I was just carried away by mind bugging issues” I finally managed to say “Thank you for pulling me away from danger. I’m indebted to you.”

“It’s alright. I just thank God I saw you in time. Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked again, you know for confirmation.

“Yes, I am. Thank you…. I’m err…  Zacc by the way”.

“I know” She said. My brows furrowed together in a somewhat confused look, she gestured towards the name printed on the back of my shirt. I’d totally forgotten about that. “I’m Naya, Ifunnaya”

“Naya, hmm. Thank you again ma’am. I shouldn’t keep you besides, I have dinner to prepare for the wolves at home”. Raising the bag with dinner ingredients as if to validate my statement.

“Dinner? You cook?” She said, her voice laced with unbelief. I nodded and she continued “A guy that actually cooks in this school? Hmm… the apocalypse is not near then. Nice meeting you Zee. (ZEE?!! Only Mae calls me Zee and that’s when she needs a favour). And please, be careful. We wouldn’t want a fine young man like yourself ending up in a morgue”

If I was white, I’d have turned red at the compliment she just passed. Emi (Me) fine young man? Kai. I muttered something incoherent, turned and moved briskly away like some child who just saw his mean old class teacher.

Immediately I turned, I hailed a bike and climbed on, reality slapped me with thoughts of Yinka. I still couldn’t believe it. When I finally got down from the bike, I paid the okada rider and walked briskly inside the hall and went in search of Mae. She just got back from church and was chilling with The Clan.

“Sup guys? Mae, here’s dinner. Could you help with preparing it? I not up for it tonight”

“You and who? Bobo, I too taya. I just carry chair finish for church I cannot come and be running around like one headless chicken cooking for all ye gluttons. Ask somebody else abeg”

Then the search for that night’s chef began with Eddy asking in a pleading tone for someone to volunteer… just like he’s doing again tonight.

Back to the present… I strained to see if it was really Naya in the distance. I don’t have my glasses on so I’m not sure. Anyway I doubt she’s the one.

I get to the shop I want to buy my garri condiments from and the I hear it. That porcelain voice. I hear it again calling my name “Zacc!” Turning towards the direction of the voice, I find myself caught up in those beautiful eyes again…

Too stunned to call back or say something, anything, like if I do, she’ll dissolve into thin air, I whisper under my breathe.


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  • Episode 1 (You’re Positive). Read HERE
  • Episode 2 (I’m Going To Die). Read HERE
  • Episode 3 (The Long Walk). Read HERE


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