BLOG: Can Your Relationship Survive A ‘Phone Swap’? ~ By TyLegal

phone-swapSo in church last Sunday during our group meeting, a prayer point was raised that we should all pray for the restoration of Brother Bayo’s marriage. Everybody’s eyes immediately fluttered open like chickens. Brother Bayo and Sister Esther’s marriage ke? Unbelievable!

You see, Brother Bayo and Sister Esther were the PERFECT couple, or so it seemed. Brother Bayo was a dedicated usher and Sister Esther was the choir mistress. They never failed to attend church, working tirelessly in church along with their three lovely kids. They were the envy of so many others and lots of couples even compared their spouses with them. So wetin con happen na?

Apparently, on Friday, the couple mistakenly swapped phones in their rush to work. So Brother Bayo was with Sister Esther’s phone all day and vice versa. And then Brother Bayo had a peek into his wife’s phone, just a peek o, and that was it. By the time Sister Esther got back from work, her belongings were waiting for her at the gate.

The series of chats and pictures on Sister Esther’s phone were abominable, to say the least. Brother Bayo couldn’t handle the betrayal and hurt and sent Sister Esther packing.

This got me thinking: if you were to swap phones with your spouse for one day, do you think your marriage will still be intact by the end of that day? (kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below)


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