A Call for “KompleteWoman Mentors”


Every young girl has a dream waiting to be fanned to flame; every young girl has a potential waiting to be unleashed. It’s never too early to discover these potentials. We believe children should be given the opportunity to choose their career pathway and an opportunity to live out their dreams, and yes with the support of their parents.  Young people today face the pressure of following the career path chosen by their parents and they end up living a dream that is different from theirs. Some of the older generations today are engrossed with the thoughts of having their child become a medical doctor or perhaps a lawyer just because they are in that field or because they think it comes with a great reputation, forgetting that making it in life goes beyond these two and many more prestigious careers.

‘’Even though I was in science class and passed all my science subjects very well, yet my personality does not match the sciences. And this is what happens to many science students who get boxed in the science class. If I had gone for any of the social science or business-related course, perhaps I would have really enjoyed my university days.’’- Ibukun Awosika

When girls get exposed to mentorship early, they find themselves on the right path in life and destiny. We believe that every young girl should be giving the opportunity to showcase the best of themselves and that is why we are organizing ‘’The Komplete Girls Career Talk 2016’’, so they can get acquainted with the different and creative career pathways out there and get mentored along the way.

Our aim at Komplete woman is to help women find their identity in God at a young age and to know the purpose He has for them so that their lives are filled with fulfillment and direction. We are a lifestyle guide to living a life of purpose; we are dedicated to instructing women out of the treasure of God’s word and inspiring them to follow God’s Plan for their life. We believe in God, Purpose and Passion!

Join us in our search for competent mentors nationwide:

Please fill our mentors form her( and we will schedule a one on one/skype interview with you.

Spread the word!!   You impact a girl, you impact a nation!

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