10 Biblical Jokes To Crack You Up. LOL!

Today on Praiseworld Radio’s breakfast show ‘The Praise O’Clock Show’ hosted by TOLA, was themed WITTY WEDNESDAY with Biblical Jokes. Listeners were made to share jokes they coined out of the bible, and the response was as awesome as hilarious.

We have put together a couple of the entries that cracked us up. These might spark some laughter lights in you as well.

1. Moses was the first to ever use a tab. God gave him two tablets. [So don’t feel over-fly because you use an iPad/Samsung Galazy tab. We also think this revelation might be involved in the fast rising tablet-use culture in modern Churches]

2. Did you know according to the Bible (Deuteronoy 24:5), Honeymoon should be 1 year. [Now we had to check this out. It reads “If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married. (NIV)”. Remember to read this to your bosses when you get married, guys]

3. God must be a great dancer as well. He MOVES in mysterious ways. [We should be like God in every way. This inclusive!]

4. What kind of man was Boaz before he married Ruth?….RUTHLESS

5. Elijah, the ‘Shu-ite’ must have been a really short dude. “Shoe height”? Now that’s SHORT!

6. Joseph must have been the first renowned tennis player. He SERVED in Pharoah’s COURT.

7. We think Samson was a really GREAT comedian, ‘coz he brought down the house.

8. Police: What’s in the bottle next to you? Akpos: It is water Police: NO, this is wine Akpos: What?! OMG! Jesus has done it again!

9. Jesus’ disciples would have driven HONDA cars, because the bible records that they were together in one ACCORD [Really? All of them? Just one ‘Honda Accord’?]

10. Joshua, the son of Nun (None). Gosh! Brother must have fallen from heaven, because he had no parents (son of none).

Thanks to all those who participated on the show this morning. Listen LIVE to The Praise O’Clock Show with TOLA every weekday from 8am to 12noon. To listen, Click and download the Praiseworld Radio mobile app on Blackberry Appworld and Google Play to listen on the go.

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