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Bella Samuel is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter. He releases his new single “Onyenememma”.

God’s goodness is one of His attributes that no one has ever exhausted. It is more than enough for anyone at any time and place.

A closer look at the past and present gave birth to this song. ONYENEMEMMA (meaning “The One Who Does Good”) has shown us over and again that He does not fail in His acts.

As you sing along, reflecting on his goodness, may you experience more of Him now and always.

Bella Samuel is a graduate of the University of Lagos, a passionate worshiper of God, married with a child.

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Onmekwara monzo e
You’ve been good to me
Onmekwara monzo e
You are God and you never change.

Like the rod of Moses
You parted the deep red sea
Like the slinging stones of David
The giants are falling down
Like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes
You’ve multiplied what I have
You have lifted me Jehovah
You’ve given me Victory
Jesu, Oloore oooo Jehovah Onmekwara monzo e
Jesu Onibuore ooo
Jehovah Onmekwara monzo eee

When the night has come
My God remains the same
And the sun is risen only you deserves the praise
I will tell the world of your goodness and love
And from my mouth you’ll know
Onyenememma is for real……


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