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NEW RADIO SHOW: “Beautified With Funto” On Praiseworld Radio

“Beautified with Funto” is a short inspirational radio show on Praiseworld Radio, sharing tips on how to live a ‘beautified’ life both within and without.

The show will include topics such as ‘Loving You’, ‘The Beauty Of Laughter’, ‘Beauty From The Word’, ‘Taking Care Of Your Nails’, ‘Make Up For Christmas’, ‘Making A Good First Impression’, to mention a few.


The 5minute show is scheduled to air every Friday at 10am (GMT+1), and will premier on Praiseworld Radio tomorrow, December 5 via The Praise O’Clock Show.

‘Beautified with Funto’ is targeted at upward mobile individuals between ages 20 and 40, with a special focus on women.

Funto Oni has a keen passion for all things relating to beauty and strongly believes that there is a queen in every woman that needs to be unleashed.

Consequently, she runs a beauty outfit, helping women discover the beauty within as well as making them look and feel beautiful, ultimately boosting their confidence and self esteem.

She is the author of Beautified-every woman’s amazing guide to true beauty; a book that enables women to not only focus on their physical beauty but also to pay more attention to their inner beauty which is the real beauty.

She is also the co-founder of LACE (Ladies After Christ’s Example) an initiative set up to guide teenage girls discover and become all that God has ordained for them through various fun, interactive and impactful gatherings.

A blend of beauty, brains and grace, Funto Oni is on a mandate to not only beautify faces but also to beautify lives all over the world.

“Beautified with Funto” will join other interactive and inspirational radio shows on Praiseworld Radio including The Praise O’Clock Show, Afternoon Groove, Chill Out Zone, Faithful Cities, and more.

Twitter: @Funtoonie

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