AUDIO SERIES: Meet Jay Elion – Dreamliner (Entry 2)


Here is the second entry of the ‘Meet Jay Elion’ series themed ‘Dreamliner’. In this entry, we meet Jay in an airplane that is headed for catastrophe. However, Jay is on board and he saves the day with his words. It is reminiscent of the story in Mark 4, where Jesus calms the raging storm to the amazement of his disciples.

In the stead of his crew, however, are Mata and Marylene, two sisters who have had traumatic airline experiences and who do not know that they are seated next to the acclaimed messiah of Y’Isra.

Dreamliner starts off in cruise-mode and gathers momentum as the turbulence descends.

Meet Jay Elion is not an audio book but a series based on excerpts from the novel Jesus In Jeans by Bill Bidiaque, which takes a look at Jesus from a contemporary perspective

Listen, Enjoy and share.

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