ARTISTE FOCUS: Cece Winans (with Photos) | @CeceWinans @TheExperienceLG #TE11

_dsc8796We have missed Cece greatly at The Experience and last Friday, she brought it on! We were not left behind as we joined her in hearty worship and praise to the Most High. We emptied all of our hearts and all of the fragrance left in our Alabaster Boxes at the Lord’s feet and we witnessed His Glory come down!

We stay amazed at her vocal dexterity, and like we say within the team, Cece just never grows old… LOL. Together with the Legend, Donnie Mcclurkin, Cece Winans urged the crowd to keep their lights shining, piercing through the darkness and shining on…


Cece Winans has had her fair share of triumphs, accolades, industry recognition and significant coverage in the press. She is a multiple Grammy, Stellar and Dove awards winner. She has several albums that are platinum and gold certified, including several of those albums she recorded as part of the wave making duo of Bebe & Cece Winans.

“When you’re in the throne room, your focus is just God. Nothing’s more powerful than that. When you do other music — positive music, gospel, inspirational, whatever you want to name it — you’re teaching lessons to other people, which is still very important. But nothing is more powerful than when you’re face to face with God.”

More Photos:

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