Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of veteran actor Stephen Baldwin has revealed that she was raised in church, adding that it is important that she continues to practice her faith.

“I was raised in church. I was brought up in that life, and I think that it’s very important for everybody to be in touch with their spirituality and to have a relationship with God.

Not everybody is going to believe in the God that I believe in, but it’s something that I’m not afraid to share with people because I know how it inspires me — how it positively affects my life.

So if you don’t like it, no one is saying that you have to follow what I follow, but I should be free to talk about what I want to.”

Justin Bieber and Baldwin were said to have been spotted at the Wiltern theater in Los Angeles, California, on Friday night for the Christian conference hosted by the local Zoe Church.

The conference featured special guest appearances from the likes of megachurch pastors Rich Wilkerson Jr. from Vous church in Miami and Lakewood Church Associate Pastor John Gray from Houston.