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Adesewa E. Adeoye is set to launch a new novel that will be a blessing to this generation. Titled “CHOSEN”, the Novel speaks about how a young woman went the extra mile to take responsibility for an action which she could as well had refused. She had the choice of either looking death in the face on behalf of her people, of sticking her head in the ground and saving just her own skin.

In Chosen; a tale of Purpose, Courage and Determination, It  is about realising that our lives are important only when we live, not for ourselves, but for the greater good of all those around us. It is about trusting God to come through, even when the situation seems so dire without any glimmer of hope. Daring us to step up to the plate and do what is expected of us, while putting our faith in a God that has never failed.

We need not be frightened of responsibility, for the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions is the source of self-respect, and the attitude of living for others is the fountain of greatness.

Accept responsibility. Accept greatness.

This Launch is FREE. Copies of Chosen; a tale of purpose, courage and determination would be available for purchase.

Adesewa E. Adeoye, Author of the book "Chosen".

Adesewa E. Adeoye, Author of the book “Chosen”.


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