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Ada Ehi Reveals The Secret to Her Unique Style

It’s no news that Ada Ehi recently welcomed a few representatives from the media houses to get upclose and personal with her. Ada Meets Media which took place last Tuesday July 4 was used as a medium to unveil her latest video ‘I Overcame.

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During the course of the event, as each of Ada’s videos were being screened, the ladies and even a handful the men in the hall were totally in awe of the outfits she rocked at each scene of the videos. This led to a number of questions targeted towards Ada Ehi’s fabulous and unique style. 

In response to the inspiration behind her style, she clearly expressed that it was a simple trick whereby she incorporates the ancient mode of dressing and adds a touch of the new thereby bringing forth an elegant and beautiful masterpiece.

She simply stated; “introduce a whole lot of mary amaka to what I wear.”

“Now this is the thing with church people, people always think that because we are the church, the light is not working in our bedroom.

But, what I do with my outfits is that I introduce a whole lot of what we call “mary amaka.” And if you observe very well, I actually do not wear earrings.

“So here is the thing, we are trying to let you know that you do not have to be naked to look good. Style doesn’t mean less. You do not have to be crazy or weird to look good.

You have to be comfortable in your skin first and foremost. You have to accept who you are and how God has made you.”

Ada went on to indicate that people tend to believe that beauty is portrayed through what they wear but it is a wrong school of thought.

She attributed beauty to being how a woman carries herself. On the other hand she tackled the aspect of modesty in our society, stating as a matter of fact that her style celebrates the ‘Church Girl.

“Beauty is not in the things that you wear, it is how you carry it. It is the person that carries it. Everything I wear is all “mary amaka” but then the carriage is different.

So basically I am celebrating being a church girl, celebrating modesty because it is beginning to lack in our society, from the clothes they wear to even the hair.”

She concluded by bringing out the fact that our society is in need of significant women who are making an impact, and at the same time they are also celebrating the “Church Girl” by dressing in a godly and fabulous way.

“We need more examples of women who are making impact but are looking very godly by dressing modest.”

Ada Ehi also took out time to celebrate the fashion guru behind the unique and exquisite clothes she wears ; Teni.

When asked about what she wanted to be remembered for, she confessed that she wasn’t so sure if that day would ever come, because according to her, the rapture is close by but she would continue to press on until Jesus comes

“Talking about being remembered, I am not sure that day will come because the rapture is already around the corner but we are here forefront until the rapture”

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