6 Critical Things You Need To Do Before Starting Your Business | @ojayaito

1. Secure a Financial Runaway

You must ensure that you have enough backup cash that can meet all your needs and pay your bills in case the business fails.

2.  Learn from the Experiences of Others

It is important that you ask questions from individuals who have been able to establish stable businesses and observe how they build their franchises and ensure that you learn from their errors.

3. Ask Yourself what You are Willing to Give Up

Count the cost of what you would need to give up to ensure that your business gets to the level it needs in order to grow. Sometimes you would need to give up your time, sleep, relationships, savings, etc. Make the necessary sacrifices now in order to enjoy later.

 4. Know Your Target Market

A target market, or target audience, is a group of people that you want your customers to be. It defines who you’re marketing to, and influences the way you advertise. You must do some research to have an idea of who would be buying your products, learn about the people in the area and specify the products that will meet their needs.

5. Have a Plan

You need to have a business plan, this shows that you are willing to do the essential work. It makes your business more tangible. This plan will primarily describe your customers, the problem, your solution and how you’ll reach those customers.

 6. Begin with a Side Hustle

This helps you to flow easily into your main business. It also helps you develop your skills and your capacity. It helps you to remain relevant while making plans towards the main business you have in mind, it also keeps you on your toes.

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