17 Reasons Not To Have Sex On Valentine’s Day~ @askyelelive (Part I)


Valentine’s day is finally here, with the atmosphere electrified with anticipations, expectations and plans. But hey, just before you hit the road with the exuberance, here are 17 reasons why you shouldn’t have sex on this day.

Oluyele Olabisi @askyelelive shares with us this insightful exposition.

Hello Everyone,

Curious about what I have to say right? I was thinking about this and I realized that people really need reasons to either do something or not to do it at all.

So here goes… 17  reasons why I Yele think you need to zip up your trousers or pull down your skirts.

This is coming in 3 parts because giving you all 17 reasons in one post would be too long.

So here goes!!


What?! God loves everyone in a general context. But you see in relations to you, His love is totally unimaginable.

He knows exactly what would happen if you decide to allow that person have their way with you. He knows how you will feel when you’re done and how you will try to rationalize your actions and feelings afterwards.

He wants to save you from all that anxiety and disappointment and anguish.

#2. YOU.

Do you always feel the need to validate your sexuality and the definition of you who are through sex?

Do you feel that if you don’t have sex with that person, you won’t feel like a man/woman?

Do you think it is a responsibility of being human to have sex and share the emotions attached to sex with someone?

How do you feel right after? Do you feel defined? Are you validated? Do you say to yourself “I’m done here, on to the next?

If you do, then you seem to not have gotten the validation you so honestly think you would get with having sex with that person.

Why not stop looking at people to validate you and start to look to God for the real validation.


So, you feel the need to have something to brag about with your friends’, right? And sex is the best thing to use yeah?

So you go on a body count mission totally disgusted with yourself before and after so that your friends can have respect for you as that person who knows how to have plenty fun.

You don’t have to. Don’t have sex to brag. We both know that you don’t feel like you’re having fun. I can bet that you feel like your life is nothing more than the next count.

You don’t need to hurt yourself so people can like you. It won’t last. People are never satisfied. You won’t be happy either.


Trouble with who, you ask? Trouble with your mind. Trouble with your body. You see the body likes to get addicted to stuff quickly. That’s why you shouldn’t give in to sex outside marriage.

You become addicted to that 7-30mins quickly and even though you don’t like it, you cannot stop finding someone to indulge with. And trust me, there would always be someone to indulge with.


When you indulge in sex with different people, there is mingling of body fluid and blood.

So you say but there’s protection. It won’t save you from pending doom! And trust me, it will catch up with you.

Maybe not the extremes like STD or HIV/AIDS. There are other health implications to having sex with multiple partners.

Since there is transference of fluid, whatever health issues those random partners have is transferred to you as well. Think about this.


Speaking with a lot of people about sexual purity, one thing that is prevalent is the fact that their conscience is always pricked with the thing that they are about to do, or what they have done.

It’s so much better to sleep well at night when you know your heart is pure and your conscience is clear.

Don’t become to wrapped up in your selfish needs that you ignore the promptings of conscience.

Some people have gotten so good at not listening that their conscience does not speak anymore. Also, note that your decisions always affect people.

To be continued………




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