17 Reasons Not To Have Sex On Valentine’s Day~ @askyelelive (Part III)

The final part to the 3-part series on 17 reasons not to have sex on valentine’s day is here. I am sure you have learned from me. i pray that you make the right decisions going forward.


I was speaking with someone and she related that a friend in her university was a virgin but had no reason for being and staying a virgin. She started dating a fellow student and decided to have sex with him should he ask her to, why? Because he was very good to her.

Since she didn’t have a reason and a plan or being and keeping her virginity, then if anything happens, she is willing to flow. If you don’t have a plan not to sleep around this valentine season, then you may just sleep around because you don’t have a plan!










Please don’t be tricked with some silly family planning method you choose. Those things are 50/50. The possibility of getting pregnant is as high as your assurance of protection. Do not delay your plans for a good future or totally derail yourself from God’s plan for your life with your actions.


God who created you has said that you should not engage in pre-marital sex or extra-marital affairs. He knows what he’s saying. He knows the pain and embarrassment you would go through when your folly is discovered.

And yes, your folly would be discovered not that it might be. If you intentionally go against God’s plan and his word, then you are setting yourself up for whatever comes. And he cannot help you there. He loves you, but every sin definitely has a consequence.


This is a hard truth. If you have continuous sex, it will show on your body. Your body is not designed for abuse! If you misuse it, it will break down on you. Uncontrolled sex is an abuse on the body.

Sex outside marriage is an abuse on the mind. Do not misuse your systems because you believe you can always control the outcome. If you could, then the suffering, death and resurrections of Jesus would not have been necessary.


What does it mean to think outside the box? It means you look from the outside in or you take yourself as a person out of a situation you are directly involved in and then look at it objectively.

If you were not you and you looked at you and what you planned to do on Valentine’s Day, what would you say to yourself? Would you urge yourself on or would you warn yourself sternly to back off?

Thank you for reading. hope to read your comments or just send me an email and ill definitely reply.




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